Oracle offers Oracle Java SE Embedded, Oracle Java ME Embedded, Oracle Java Embedded Suite and Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded products to meet your specific Java technology needs.  Please click on the appropriate tab to either access Java Embedded product downloads.

  • Oracle Java SE Embedded - for today’s most powerful embedded systems. Devices having 11MB or more allocated storage for Java can use Oracle's footprint reduced Java SE compliant products, which now also enable Compact Profiles to reduce memory footprint for applications that do not require the entire Java platform.
  • Oracle Java ME Embedded - for a feature-rich Java platform on devices that lack the resources necessary to run the full Java SE Embedded environment. There are two options for a Java ME based Java platform: a CLDC-based runtime targeted for use on highly memory constrained devices (<1MB) as known as Oracle Java ME Embedded, a CDC-based runtime targeted for use on devices with slightly higher memory capacity (<10MB) as known as Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client.
  • Oracle Java Embedded Suite - a new packaged solution from Oracle (including Java DB, GlassFish Server, Jersey Web Services Framework, and Oracle Java SE Embedded 7 platform), created to provide value added services for collecting, managing, and transmitting data to and from other embedded devices.
  • Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded - this optional component for Oracle Java Embedded Suite enables designing, defining, development and implementing event processing applications that not only meet embedded device requirements but perform to the highest levels of today’s intelligent systems. Based on the Oracle Event Driven Server technology, Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded provides an optimized low memory and disk footprint version of the enterprise edition Oracle Event Processing platform.
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