The Java language and runtime platform are pervasive in the embedded space. Today, Java technology is already present in 5 billion SIMs and Smart Cards, 3 billion mobile handsets, 80 million TV devices, including every Blu-ray player shipped, and many other embedded solutions from printers and bank machines to e-book readers and cars

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  • NEW Release: Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 is now generally available, providing a development platform for embedded devices and the Internet of Things that includes all of the flexibility, portability and features of Java SE 8.  
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    • NEW Article: Java SE Embedded 8 Compact Profiles Overview - Compact Profiles have a smaller storage footprint to enable many Java applications to run on resource-constrained devices. Read this article to learn more.
    • NEW Article: Java SE Embedded 8 vs. Java ME CDC Comparison - Java SE Embedded 8 is a new release of Java SE technology that for the first time has the feature of Compact Profiles. There are 3 new Compact Profiles that represent 3 new smaller Java SE Runtimes which are compatible subsets of the full Java SE 8 API specification. The first Compact Profile, compact1, is the basis for a Java ME CDC converged product with Java SE Embedded.
    • NEW Article: Java ME CDC to Java SE Embedded 8 Migration Guide - This article helps the legacy Java ME CDC developer migrate their CDC apps to Java SE Embedded 8.
    • NEW Article: Java Flight Recorder and Java Mission Control on Java SE Embedded 8 - This article gives an introduction to Java Mission Control and how you can use it to monitor, manage, profile and diagnose your applications when running on the Java SE Embedded 8 small device platforms.
  • NEW Release: Oracle Java ME Embedded 8 Early Access 2 for Raspberry Pi (ARM 11/Linux) and Qualcomm IoE (ARM9/Brew MP) are now available as early access binaries, ready to install and run for development/evaluation purposes. Red Arrow Download  Red Arrow Learn More
  • NEW Release: Oracle Java ME Software Development Kit 8 Early Access 2 is now available to support Oracle Java ME Embedded 8 Early Access 2 platforms and includes plugins for Netbeans.Red Arrow Download  Red Arrow Documentation
  • NEW Release: Oracle Java SE Embedded 7 Update 51 (7u51) includes security fixes of JDK 7u51Red Arrow Download  Red Arrow Release Notes
  • Now Available: Oracle Java Platform Integrator program port for Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.4 is now available for the Qualcomm IoE QSC6270T/BREW platformRed Arrow Learn More  Red Arrow All Deployment Platforms

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Oracle Java SE Embedded

Java SE is commonly known as the platform that runs on desktops and servers. It offers a high-performance virtual machine, full high-performance graphics support, deployment infrastructure, and a rich set of features and libraries. Java SE Embedded has been optimized for mid-range to high-end embedded systems.

  • Devices having 32MB (without graphics) or more for Java can use Oracle's Java SE Embedded

See full Java SE Embedded System Requirements

Oracle Java ME Embedded Client

Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client is based on Connected Device Configuration (CDC), a subset of the Java SE platform and draws from the origins of the Java platform, which was originally designed for embedded devices.  While scaled down to fit the limitations of resource-constrained devices and optimized for low to mid-range embedded-systems, Oracle Java ME Embedded Client provides most of the Java language and runtime features developers know and are accustomed to with Java SE.

  • Devices having 8MB (without graphics) or more for Java can use Oracle's Java ME Embedded Client

See full Java ME Embedded Client System Requirements

Oracle Java ME Embedded

Oracle Java ME Embedded is based on Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), and is a Java runtime stack optimized for small embedded systems. It provides a robust and flexible application platform with dedicated embedded functionality for always-on, headless (no graphics/UI), and connected devices. Oracle Java ME Embedded enables system designers and developers to create sophisticated small embedded solutions leveraging the benefits of the Java language, runtime, and ecosystem while meeting tight system resource targets..

  • Devices having 130 KB or more for Java can use Oracles Java ME For Embedded (headless / no UI)
The latest release of Java ME SDK, provides support for small embedded application development, thus providing a development and an emulation environment for applications targeted for commercial devices that will be powered by Oracle Java ME Embedded.

The Oracle Java ME Embedded product is a brand new product based on the Java CLDC configuration and targets small, resource-constrained embedded devices such as wireless modules for m2m, industrial control, smartgrid infrastructure, environmental sensors and tracking, and more. While the already existing Java ME based product, Oracle Java ME Embedded Client, is based on the Java CDC configuration and targets more powerful, mid-range embedded devices such as e-book readers, Blu-ray Disc players, Voice Over IP telephones, televisions, set-top boxes, printers, residential gateways.

See full Oracle Java ME Embedded System Requirements in the Oracle Java ME Embedded FAQ

Oracle Java Embedded Suite

Oracle Java Embedded Suite adds enterprise-type features to the Java SE Embedded runtime. With Java Embedded Suite, embedded applications can:

  • > Store data in a Java DB relational database.
  • > Host GlassFish servlet-based web applications, for example, to give secure remote access to device data and operations.
  • > Host and access RESTful web services with Oracle's Jersey implementation of the JAX-RS specification.

See full Java Embedded Suite System Requirements.

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