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Welcome to the Java Card reference page.  The following online sources ares available to help you learn and use Java Card technology.

Java Card Documentation

Take advantage of our documentation, technical articles, code samples, and tutorials to enhance your understanding of Java Card technology.

Case Studies

Java Card Technology Examples
See here examples of smart cards derived from Java Card technology: for travel, Internet access, student services, and shopping.
A Week in the Life of Jack Link
This futuristic short story takes you on a one-week journey to see how Jack's and his family's life is made easier with dynamic, multifunction smart cards to securely host their favorite services.

Technical Articles

Java Card 3.0 Platform: Classic Functionality Gets a Connectivity Boost
Java Card 3.0.1 offers improved connected features that maximize enhanced hardware options. Sun engineer Peter Allenbach also compares it to Java SE, ME, and EE.
An Introduction to Java Card Technology - Part 1
This two-part article introduces you to an important mobile Java technology: Java Card support for programming smart cards.
An Introduction to Java Card Technology - Part 2, The Java Card Applet
Introduction of the development aspects of Java Card applets: the typical steps when developing a Java Card application, the Sun Java Card Development kit, and the Java Card and Java Card RMI APIs.
An Introduction to Java Card Technology - Part 3
The Smart Card Host Application introduces the development aspects of host applications for smart cards.
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