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Technical Article: Authorizing Access to Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Data
Authorizing access to individual data objects based on spatial and temporal references is a complex task. Read this case study to learn one feasible approach.

Download: Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems
Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems, which provides centralized authentication and account management for Unix and Linux platforms, is now available for download.

Tutorial: Defending Against SQL Injection Attacks
By taking this self-study tutorial, you can arm yourself with techniques and tools to strengthen your code and applications against SQL Injection attacks.

Blog: Understanding the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
This official blog entry from the Oracle Security Team explains the details and background about Oracle's implementation of CVSS.

技術文書: Javaアプリケーションにおける行レベル・セキュリティの実装
Learn how to enforce row-level security across your JEE application, from database to cache. From Oracle Fusion Middleware Regional Director Lonneke Dikmans.

Technical Article: Database-Based Authentication for PHP Apps
Learn how to secure PHP-based Web applications via database-based authentication in this two-part tutorial, with sample code included.


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