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Logging in OIM custom code
Daniel Gralewski, a principal solution architect with Oracle, shows you how to leverage the Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure in which OIM runs in order to create proper logging information from custom code.

IDM FA Integration flows
Fusion Applications uses the Oracle Identity management for its Identity store and policy store by default.This article by solution architect Thiago Leoncio explains how user and roles flows work from different points of view, using key IDM products for each flow in detail.

OAG/OES Integration for Web API Security: skin and guts
Andre Correa's post looks at a strategy for web API security that uses , OAG (Oracle API Gateway) and OES (Oracle Entitlements Server).

Identity Propagation from OAG to REST APIs protected by OWSM
Andre Correa's post describes the necessary configuration for propagating an end user identity from Oracle API Gateway to REST APIs protected by Oracle Web Services Manager.

A dive into MQTT and IoT Security
Gregory Estrade, a.k.a Torlus, a software developer and a self-taught hardware hacker writes a really good article on MQTT and IoT Security.

Custom Message Data Encryption of Payload in SOA 11g
Leave a Comment This article by Fusion Middleware A-Team architect Weidong Xu explains how to encrypt sensitive data in the incoming payload and decrypt the data back to clear text (or original form) in the outgoing message.


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