Release Downloads for Oracle Integration Adapters

Oracle SOA Suite includes several adapters that can help integrate  your Cloud and On-Premise Applications. All of these adapters are included out of the box with the Oracle SOA Suite 12c download. There is no separate download and installation process for these adapters. This also includes the all new Oracle Integration Adapter for SAP R/3 and the Oracle Integration Adapter for JD Edwards World pre-integrated with JDeveloper 12c.

Note:  The 12.1.3 release downloads for the enterprise application adapters for integrating with SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards OneWorld and Siebel, that was available for the SOA 11g release version will appear on this page once they are available on the 12.1.3 release version. The existing 11g version of these adapters are not certified to work with SOA Suite 12.1.3. This also applies to all the Mainframe, TP-Monitoring and the Change Data Capture Adapters for SOA Suite 11g.

Cloud Adapters

Oracle Cloud Adapter for

Technology Adapters

The following are the technology adapters included with the SOA Suite 12c.
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for Files
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for FTP
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for Database
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for Coherence New!
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for AQ
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for MQ
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for MSMQ New!
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for LDAP New!
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for UMS
  • Oracle JCA Adapter for Socket

Enterprise Application Adapters

  • Oracle Integration Adapter for SAP R/3 New!
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter (also known as the Oracle Applications Adapter)
  • Oracle Integration Adapter for J.D.Edwards World New!
Note: Information on the release downloads of 11g release for the Oracle Application Adapters, Mainframe &TP-Monitor Adapters and CDC Adapters is available here.


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