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Please review the list of known issues for 12.1.3.

12.1.3 Patches

SOA Bundle Patch 1 (BP1) is now available.

After installing version 12.1.3, it is recommended that you immediately install the bundle patch (BP1) SOA BP for 12.1.3 (patch #19707784)
Login to Click on the "Patches & Updates" tab and enter the patch number in the "Patch Name or Number" search box and click "Search".
There are other patches that can be applied after applying BP1 for implementations sending extremely high volumes of data to BAM and to resolve a few other minor issues.

Patch Number Description
20484519 BAM 12c Performance / Scalability 
 20222257  EMSConnectionRecoveryDuration parameter does not exist in BAM 12c
 20420502  BAM EMS error in date format when EMS is multi-threaded
 20083639  Alignments texts of the Business Views do not always respond
 20243915  Legends are not getting refreshed in user view (shown in designer view only)

Users using (BP1) on a Windows Platform, should install this additional patch:

Patch Number Description
 20112758  bamloadgen script doesn't work in windows OS

12.1.3 Tech Notes

  • If BAM host or port is modified after the install, then manual update needs to be also done in the "BAMForeignJndiProvider" to set the correct BAM server(s) URL in it accordingly. Similarly, please also update "SOAForeignJndiProvider" with correct soa server(s) URLs, if SOA host/port has been changed.
  • The URIs to retrieve the WebServices WSDLs are:
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