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BAM 12c Educational White Papers / Hands-on instructional documents for using 12c 

Springboard Tutorial

BAM Active Data Service 12.1.3 (zip)

Dashboard Visualizations in Oracle BAM 12.1.3 (zip)

Event Stream Analytics in Oracle BAM 12.1.3 (zip)

Pattern Matching Capabilities in Oracle BAM 12.1.3 (zip)

The associated zip files contain samples related to the white paper. This zip file contains scripts or information common to all samples. (zip)

Tech Notes

Using ODI with BAM 12c

Samples and Demos

Populating BAM 12c from a SOA Composite using JMS
Note: A JDeveloper 12c BAM Connection is NOT required!

See the "White papers" section above for specific 12c demos on various subjects. The associated zip file contains the necessary artifacts.

BAM 11g Samples and Demos

Sample Code for Developers and Admins (Other Oracle Products)


Migrating from BAM 11g to BAM 12c

11g to 12c Migration in Oracle BAM 12.1.3

The most important thing to know when migrating from BAM 11g to 12c is to check the box "Turn this query into a continuous query" for any any charts that you want changing dynamically in real-time. 
This check-box can be found in the "Runtime-Interaction" section under "Active Data". This is NOT available for all chart types. See the Using Active Data section of the documentation for specific details.

Continuous Query
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