Oracle Coherence

Data Grids: Redefining Data Availability

Oracle Coherence provides solutions that address the challenges associated with operating data intensive applications in high volume environments. Oracle Coherence ensures that applications are able to run at their best by guaranteeing that they get the data they need when they need it.

Oracle Coherence serves as a manageable and scalable host for cached data. Caching leverages the reliability and stability of the Coherence Data Grid, ensuring scalability and quality of service.
  • Enable faster access to frequently accessed data
  • Reduce load on shared data sources
  • Broad industry support as a plug-in cache

Oracle Coherence provides built-in query support and a simple, powerful framework for user-defined parallel calculations.
  • Enables query rates beyond what a database can handle
  • Enable more complex analytics through massive parallel processing across the grid
  • Guaranteed stable calculation results even with server failure

Data Grid acts as a transactional System of Record, hosting data and business logic. Oracle Coherence is the only in-memory data grid solution that provides the strict data integrity guarantees required for transactions.
  • Consolidate business logic for greater control, ease of management
  • Co-locate business logic and data for efficiency
  • Increased transactional scalability and manageability

Oracle Coherence allows co-located processing of data and events for low latency and high throughput, combined with once-and-only-once processing guarantees.
  • Once-and-only-once processing for external events
  • Real-time handling for data-driven events
  • Continuous query brings real time event handling to any server or desktop



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