Oracle Coherence

Real Time Client - RTC

The Oracle Coherence Real Time Client provides secure and scalable client access from desktop applications into a Coherence Data Grid. Coherence RTC extends the Data Grid to the Desktop, providing the same core API as the rest of the Coherence product line. As of Coherence 3.2, Coherence RTC is licensed as Coherence Real Time Client.

Connectivity into the Coherence Data Grid is achieved via Coherence*Extend technology, which enables a client application to connect to a particular server within the Data Grid. Since the connections are load-balanced across all of the servers in the Data Grid, this approach to connectivity can scale to support tens of thousands of desktop systems.

The primary use case for Coherence RTC is to provide desktop clients with read-only/read-mostly access to data held in a Coherence cluster. Clients can query clustered caches and receive real-time updates as the data changes. Clients may also initiate server-side data manipulation tasks, including aggregations and processing.



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