Real Time Streaming Analytics


Streaming Business Analytics: Friendly, Powerful, Instant Insight
Business Patterns at your fingertips!


Spatial MAP's, Global - to - Your Home
For any GEOProcessing analytics you need to define polygons, geo-fences of
the locations of interest. With the integrated MAP feature 
of Oracle Stream
Analytics, in a few clicks of a button, you can now easily create and define
(or pre-load) these areas.

Use the General Spatial Pattern to then execute your immediate Spatial Analysis.

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OSA_FEATURES_MONTAGE_FOR_OTN      Patterns, Streaming Machine
Learning, Integrated
Business Rules,
Statistical & Mathematical
Expression Building, 
integrated Spark
Run-time Infrastructure...
Oracle Stream Analytics has it all! 

Your streaming analytical business solutions are unique. You need an industry leading real time streaming analytics platform
to satisfy all your needs FAST. Oracle Stream Analytics provides, not only, the most complete streaming solution
platform, but now integrated out-of-the-box with the major
related Oracle leading technologies such as Coherence,
Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Golden Gate
for comprehensive, instant streaming services directly through
the Database, and Streaming machine learning probability scoring using the industry leading Oracle R Enterprise models.

Apache Spark, Spark, Apache, and the Spark logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.


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Uniquely FOG, with Edge Distributed Intelligence
Unlike most solution platforms in the market today, Oracle provides a complete Fog - to - Cloud Streaming platform
with Oracle Edge Analytics in our portfolio, customers have the ability to execute streaming application intelligence
directly in their local offices, departments, manufacturing plants, even on small gateway devices.

This provides a localized, extreme low cost capability, reducing network bandwidths to cluster analytics and make
instantaneous decisions as situations happen rather than incur delays and latency's as the data passes to back end

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