The Oracle Stream Explorer platform provides a compelling combination of an easy-to-use visual façade to rapidly create and dynamically change Real Time Event Stream Processing (Fast Data) applications, together with a comprehensive run-time platform to manage and execute these solutions.


Completely abstracting the entire development and deployment processes, it simplifies the rapid creation of event driven applications for any type of real time business solution, enabling the Enterprise to really immerse itself in next generation real time applications, with times to market of minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Oracle Stream Explorer embraces an industry focus approach with features to leverage preexisting patterns of well known event processing implementations, the definition of Streams that represent the connection to the most popular protocols and methodologies, References which allow immediate joining of streaming data to relational databases and Explorations that provide a stunning visual representation of real time disparate event data flows providing customers with insightful data interrogation in real-time so that downstream applications, service oriented architectures and event-driven architectures are driven by true, real-time intelligence.

Oracle Stream Explorer provides organizations with a complete “top-down” solution for designing, defining, developing and implementing Event Stream Processing applications that not only meet business requirements but perform to the highest levels of the enterprise expectation. Built on the latest industry-standards including ANSI SQL, Java, Spring DM and OSGi, the Oracle Stream Explorer Event Processing runtime component provides an open architecture for sourcing, processing, and publishing complex events throughout the enterprise.  Now together with this ease-of-use web tooling and a visual development environment, as well as standard Java-based tooling, this ensures that your IT and line of business teams can be developing event-driven applications without the hurdle of specialized training or unique skill-set investment.

Oracle Stream Explorer is a standalone event stream processing platform and its runtime, a component of SOA Suite.

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Updates & News

NEWIMAGEOracle Edge Analytics 12c Available!

Oracle Edge Analytics (OEA) is a solution for building embedded device applications to filter, correlate and process events in real-time so that downstream applications, services and event-driven architectures are driven by true, real-time intelligence.

Oracle Stream Explorer 12c Available!

The Oracle Stream Explorer empowers Business (and any non-technical) audience in any industry, to create and implement rich in-memory fast data solutions embracing real time, instant insight encompassing SOA infrastructures, Big Data and the Internet-of-Things. Requiring NO knowledge of real time event driven architecture, the standards-based Continuous Query Language (CQL), the high performance Java Event Server or any of the semantics of event stream processing application models.

The main features of the Oracle Stream Explorer include:
  • Catalog perspectives for major industries
  • Simplistic definition of Event Streams and References
  • Reusable Business Solution Patterns
  •  Abstracted visual façade to interrogate live real time streaming data and perform intuitive in-memory real time business analytics
  • Graphical representations of tabular streaming information
  • Actions to act on Analysis, push downstream to various event sinks, including exporting to JDeveloper
  • Available on major Internet Browsers 


This new on-premise and cloud SaaS targeted visually sunning new offering from Oracle, will gracefully guide a user with any level of event stream processing knowledge, to create imaginative and sophisticated Fast Data applications for any related industry, in just a few minutes rather than, in many cases, laboring for hours or days in unfamiliar Java development environments. 

For those well equipped in knowledge of Real Time Streaming Analytics (Fast Data) development and solution delivery, the Oracle Stream Explorer offers the ability to rapidly generate the foundational application onto which more exotic and feature rich capabilities can be added, by simply exporting the Oracle Stream Explorer application and then importing into Oracle JDeveloper. 



Getting started with Oracle Event Processing
Want to try OEP? Follow this guide which will walk you through downloading and installing OEP, and then step you through several OEP samples.

Technical Information

Datasheet: Oracle Event Processing (PDF)
Technical White paper: Oracle Event Processing (PDF)
Technical White paper: OEP HA Clustering Performance (PDF)
Technical White paper: Exalogic Extreme High Performance with OEP(PDF)

Interesting Artifacts

Innovation at work with the latest Oracle Event Processing for Java Embedded
The Oracle Event Processing platform now reaches the edge of your infrastructure solutions by uniquely enabling  Event intelligence on the computing edge for Sensors and Gateways Devices. Learn More...  01-April-2013
Oracle Openworld 2011: Event Driven Patterns and Best Practices 
Review the Oracle Event Processing Session Presentation showcasing Customers and Partners using the Oracle Event Stream Processing Platform 01-Nov-2011
What's New in 11gR1 Patch Set 2 (
OEP 11g R1 PS2 has been released. This document highlights the new major features available 20-May-2010
Oracle Event Processings Wins Waters Award
OEP 10g R3 won the "Best Oracle Event Processing Solutionr" award from Waters Publications 1-7- 2008

11g R1 Release available
OEP 11g R1 has been released, and is a component of the SOA Suite   30-Jun-2009

Customer Profiles

Commercial Smart Grid Monitoring & Analysis - Getting More From Energy (Utilities)
Turkcell Technology
Identifying and Predicting Real Time Business Opportunities in GSM Networks - Temporal Location Based Marketing (Telecommunications)

11g R1 Release

Links to the product documentation can be found here.
Download samples for the product here.
Frequently asked questions around Oracle Event Processing

11g Release Screencasts

Utilities: SmartGrid powered by OEP
Review a demonstration of SmartMeter/SmartGrid Solution Prototype.

11g Release Customer Training

Oracle University: OEP 11g: Develop Real Time Applications OEP
Learn how to create, monitor and manage the Oracle Event Processing Platform from a Developer's perspective.

View/Schedule/Request Classroom Training

View/Schedule/Request Live Virtual Class


NEWIMAGE12c Release (Runtime component, Developer and IT Tools) 

The very latest release of Oracle Event Processing is now available with a vast array of new features for the next generation innovative real time event driven developers and customers.

The latest JDeveloper for Oracle Event Processing offers a completely new development experience specially designed for all advanced, creative software professionals but also with powerful new features specifically for our Oracle SOA suite customers.

Learn more...

The new integrated development environment provided a visually impressive, component palette to simply paint and create your applications by dragging and dropping the required artifacts onto the canvass. Another major new feature is the Event Delivery Network (EDN) event adapter nodes which provide that tight integration at runtime to SOA Suite composites and all other SOA components supporting the EDN.

In summary, the JDeveloper for Oracle Event Processing provides a unique and powerful feature portfolio to build next generation event stream processing solutions for SOA Suite. In addition, this new release includes intelligent tight integration with the latest version of Oracle Coherence, and many other new features. Together with the extreme high performance and low latencies provided by this new release, it make it the best ever Oracle Event Driven Architecture Solution Platform.

Find links to download 12c, as well as any prerequisite products you need to install.
Links to the product documentation can be found here.
Download samples for the product here.
 NEWIMAGECustomer Showcase
Canon: Printer equipment monitoring & management innovation
NTT Communications: Real time Communications Network Analytics
Emerson Network Power: Data Center infrastructure Management
 NEWIMAGEPartner Showcase
Oscars SA:Expertise in delivering services around Oracle Spatial & Graph
WhamTech: Indexed adapter-based data virtualization, federation integration & interoperability technology software products
Push Technology: Leading provider of data distribution solutions enabling organizations to deliver efficient, high performance, conversational, web & mobile application

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