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Outside In Technology is a suite of software development kits (SDKs) that provides developers with a comprehensive solution to extract, normalize, scrub, convert and view the contents of 600 unstructured file formats. Each SDK within the suite is optimized to solve a particular problem but they are highly flexible and interoperable. Developers can quickly implement any combination of the Outside In SDKs to provide exactly the right functionality in their application while minimizing integration effort and code footprint. The SDKs offer a wide range of options to give the developer programmatic control of their workflow and output. Thorough documentation and sample applications with source code are included to further accelerate implementation.

Outside In Web View Export is now available!
Released August 14, 2014  Outside In Web View Export is a software developer’s kit (SDK) that enables an application to produce high quality HTML5 renditions of documents created by standard business software. Unlike other document-to-HTML products, the output that is produced by Web View Export is intended to resemble the look and feel of the native applications in which the documents are created.  HTML5 and CSS3 allow for a high level of fidelity, and a robust Javascript API allows the Web View Export output to be interactive and customizable. This “web view” requires an HTML5-capable browser, but nothing else.
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Sample Code


Outside In SDKs

 Clean Content  extracts and scrubs text, metadata and hidden information from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.
 Content Access extracts text and metadata
 File ID quickly and accurately identifies file types
 HTML Export converts files into HTML rendering embedded graphics as a GIF, JPEG, or PNG
 Image Export converts files into TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, GIF or PNG images
 PDF Export converts files into PDF without native applications or 3rd party libraries
 Search Export extracts text and metadata and converts it into one of four formats designed specifically for search
 Viewer Technology renders high-fidelity views of files and allows printing, copy/paste and annotations
 Web View Export converts files into high-fidelity HTML5 renditions. A Javascript API allows the output to be interactive and customizable.
 XML Export converts and normalizes files into XML that defines properties, content and structure


Data Sheets and Whitepapers

 Outside In Technology Data Sheet
 Outside In Technology Electronic Discovery Brief
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