Oracle WebCenter Portal Virtual Machine

This Oracle VirtualBox image for Oracle WebCenter Portal includes everything you need to start learning and trying out WebCenter Portal. It brings together several integrated Oracle Fusion Middleware products and technologies and illustrates how they can seamlessly work together in solving functional problems. The following products are installed and configured and ready to go:

  • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production
  • Oracle JRockit R28.2.4-14-151097-1.6.0_33-20120618-1634-linux-x86_64
  • Oracle OHS
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6
  • Repository Creation Utility
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Tier Utilities 11g R1
  • Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • WebCenter Extensions for JDeveloper

: The virtual machine contents and its code are distributed free for demonstrative purposes only. It is neither maintained nor supported by Oracle as a licensed product.

Sample Portal Screenshots


Be sure to read through the ReadMe Guide before starting.

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*NEW* Oracle WebCenter Portal - Virtual Machine
Oracle VirtualBox Image (includes Oracle Database 11.2)

   File Description
Download ReadMe Guide - START HERE Step-by-step instructions for download and deployment

Download WCPortal-111180.ova.001
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.002
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.003
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.004
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.005
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.006
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.007
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.008
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.009
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.010
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.011
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.012
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.013
Download WCPortal-111180.ova.014
Download Checksums (MD5)

Download all zip files into a single directory (approx 23 GB). Optionally verify integrity of zip files using checksums. Open a zip file manager such as 7zip and select the first zip file (001) and extract. This will extract the compressed OVA appliance file. Open VirtualBox Manager, select Import, navigate to the directory, select the .ova file and click import. After import initial size is about 60 GB. Please see more details in the ReadMe.
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