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Oracle WebCenter Sites enables organizations to deliver a compelling online experience to customers by deploying and managing sophisticated and engaging Websites across online channels. This Web experience management solution automates the entire process of managing the Web—including business-user content authoring, delivery of high-scale dynamic sites, content targeting and optimization, user-generated content, end-user personalization, and mobile Web delivery. Oracle WebCenter Sites offers advanced yet easy-to-use capabilities for creating a rich and engaging online experience for customers across Web, mobile, and social channels, to build loyalty, drive customer acquisition, and reduce operational costs.

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Product Information
 WebCenter Sites
Enables marketers and business users to easily create and manage contextually relevant, social, and interactive online experiences across multiple channels on a global scale.
 WebCenter Sites: Optimize the Digital Experience for Mobile Phones and Tablets
Easily extend your Web presence to mobile devices and deliver multi-channel marketing and customer experience initiatives while saving significant time, money, and effort in managing mobile sites.
 WebCenter Sites: Build Community Engagement Through Social Computing
Comprehensive social computing capabilities enable marketers and other business users to create online experiences that encourage site visitors to interact socially and share their experiences with their social networks.
 WebCenter Sites Satellite Server
Enables organizations to deliver segmented, targeted, and dynamically assembled content across global Web properties with rapid response times and intelligent edge caching to optimize and speed the delivery of dynamic Web experiences.
 WebCenter Sites: Create Rich and Engaging Digital Experiences Through External Content Integration
Oracle WebCenter Sites offers prebuilt integrations to connect to external systems such as Oracle
WebCenter Content and cloud-based video services like Brightcove and YouTube, that enable marketers to search and view content hosted in external systems, and drag n drop it into pages all from the WebCenter Sites authoring environment.
 White Paper: Oracle WebCenter Sites & Oracle Real-Time Decisions
Integrating marketer-controlled targeting with automated recommendations to optimize online engagement.
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