Business Transaction Management


As applications grow in capability and complexity, real-time visibility into business transactions supported by these applications is becoming an imperative. Transaction management requires IT organizations address key challenges, such as: tracking transaction status & health, reporting on business metrics embedded in transaction content, and managing transaction errors. Oracle Business Transaction Management (BTM) efficiently helps organizations resolve such challenges by providing them an in-depth capability in key areas such as transaction visibility, business KPI monitoring, and proactive exception management.

Oracle BTM not only allows businesses to benefit from the increased reliability of their business transactions, but also allows IT to benefit from a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) for application infrastructure.

Oracle BTM functionality is a part of the following Oracle Enterprise Manager Management packs:

  • SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition
  • WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition
  • Management Pack for Non-Oracle Middleware


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WebLogic Server Management Pack EE Data Sheet
SOA Management Pack EE Data Sheet
Management Pack for Non-Oracle Middleware Data Sheet


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