Cloud Management

Total Cloud Control. Zero to cloud in one day. Impossible? Think again.  

Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle’s premiere cloud management solution. It is the industry’s first complete solution including self-service provisioning balanced against centralized, policy-based resource management, integrated chargeback and capacity planning and complete visibility of the physical and virtual environments from applications to disk.


Data Sheets, Business Whitepapers, Feature Overview
Cloud Management Overview (Whitepaper) JUN 2013
Cloud Management Overview (Presentation) FEB 2013
Metering and Chargeback Overview (Whitepaper)

Best Practices

Technical Whitepapers, Best Practice Documents, Documentation
Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Taxonomy (Presentation) MAY 2013
Cloud Blueprints - Cloud Blueprints are used to describe a desired set of inter-related cloud resources. Download this zip file to discover how to use and how to create your own Cloud Blueprints. FEB 2013
Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Management API (Presentation) FEB 2013
Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Administration Guide 12c Release 4 ( JUNE 2014
Enterprise Manager 12c: The Nerve Center of Oracle Cloud (Whitepaper) FEB 2013


Self-Running Demos, Screenwatches, Online Training

Cloud - General
Cloud Management Overview
Cloud - Blueprints
Automate Creation of Cloud Resources with Cloud Blueprints MAR 2013
Browse Your Cloud Resources Using Blueprint Path Expressions MAR 2013

Database as a Service

Zero to Cloud: Accelerated
Database Consolidation, Database Cloning

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database delivers new capabilities and support for managing database cloud services for extreme database consolidation. Database cloning via Snap Clone or RMAN Backups deliver optimum utilization of development and database resources.
Learn More About Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database
Learn More About Database Consolidation with Real Application Testing

Middleware as a Service

Self-Service Provisioning of JAVA EE Applications and Multi-tier Middleware Platforms

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Middleware offers all the capability necessary for deploying and managing middleware-centric Platform as a Service (PaaS) clouds within the enterprise.
Learn More About Cloud Management Pack for Middleware: MWaaS Solution Page

Infrastructure as a Service

Self-Service Provisioning and Management of VMs, Storage and Network

Single click provisioning of multi-tier apps via assemblies. Policy driven Scale up, scale down, Live migration and power management.
IaaS: Setting Up the Cloud Infrastructure
IaaS: Setting Up the Cloud Self-Service
IaaS: Using the Self-Service Portal
Private Cloud with Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (OVCA) JUNE 2014




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