Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Host Management

Drive asset utilization up by up to 70%.
Eliminate Virtual Machine (VM) sprawl. Cut configuration management effort by 90%. Reduce provisioning effort by 75%.

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides an integrated and cost-effective solution for complete physical and virtual server lifecycle management. By delivering comprehensive provisioning, patching, monitoring, administration, and configuration management capabilities via web-based user interface, Enterprise Manager significantly reduces the complexity and cost associated with managing Oracle VM, Linux, Unix, and Windows operating system environments. In addition, enterprises using Oracle Sun hardware can get deep insight into their server, storage and network infrastructure layers and manage thousands of systems in a scalable manner. Oracle Enterprise Manager helps customers to accelerate the adoption of virtualization and cloud computing to optimize IT resources, improve hardware utilization, streamline IT processes, reduce costs, and it is integrated with OVM 3.0 and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder.


Data Sheets, Business Whitepapers, Feature Overview
System Monitoring Plug-in for Hosts for Operating System and Hardware Data Sheet
Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack Data Sheet
Configuration Management Pack for Applications Data Sheet  
What Lies Beneath: Host Server Provisioning, Monitoring, and Management Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Whitepaper
Oracle VM Management Pack Datasheet  
Enterprise Manager Application to Disk Portal - Featured resources include ROI study, analyst report and new whitepapers


Self-Running Demos, Screenwatches, Online Training
Understanding the Host Storage Deployment Summary
Bare Metal Provisioning Screenwatch

Screenwatch: Managing Oracle VM

VM Management OBEs and Viewlets - Include live migration of guest VM, cloning of guest VM and more.

Getting Started

Tutorials, Oracle By Example (OBE)
Server Management OBEs and Viewlets - Include host monitoring, Configuration Management, Bare Metal Provisioning and more.
Enterprise Manager Virtualization Management Documentation

Best Practices

Technical Whitepapers. Best Practice Documents, Documentation
Best Practices for Linux Patching and Provisioning
Best Practices for Bare Metal Provisioning of Linux using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
Host Metric Reference Manual - Chapter 3
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