Oracle x86 server family ranges from 2-socket to 8-socket systems that run your choice of operating system: Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, Windows or VMware. These servers are designed to deliver peak performance with over 140 world record benchmarks published to date, reducing energy costs with leading performance per watt, and improving space efficiency with world class compute density.

Oracle announces its new line of two-socket enterprise class x86 servers, delivering, once again, the industry’s best x86 platform for running Oracle software. The new Oracle Server X5-2 and Oracle Server X5-2L systems are built with the new Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors, also known as the Intel Haswell-EP processors. These servers are available immediately for quoting, ordering and shipment.

What's New

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 Oracle Server X5-2L System Architecture
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FAQs and Datasheet

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 Oracle Server X5-2 Datasheet
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 Oracle Server X5-2L Datasheet
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 Sun Server X4-2 Datasheet
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 140+ world record benchmarks published to date on Sun x86 servers


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