Oracle x86 servers are engineered to be the highest performing and most reliable x86 servers in the market for running Oracle software. The unique hardware features built into Oracle’s x86 servers make them the ideal platform for cloud infrastructure, relational databases, scale up computing and custom built storage solutions. These features save time and operating expenses by simplifying solution deployment and enhancing software performance. Oracle’s x86 systems also form the key building blocks of Oracle’s engineered systems and cloud offerings. Oracle's x86 servers deliver the highest levels of reliability ensuring maximum up-time and continuous software availability for our customers.

Oracle announces its new four-socket enterprise class x86 server, continuing to offer the industry’s best x86 platforms for running Oracle software. With the highest reliability, availability, and serviceability features in the four-socket space, Oracle Server X5-4 is the ideal x86 platform for consolidating enterprise applications and for running in-memory databases that require large amounts of memory and I/O. Oracle Server X5-4 is built with the new Intel® Xeon® E7-8895 v3 processor, also known as the Intel Haswell-EX processor. This server is available immediately for quoting, ordering and shipment.

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