Oracle Solaris Availability


Oracle Solaris greatly increases system and service availability with Oracle Solaris Predictive Self Healing feature that diagnoses, isolates, and helps recover from hardware and application faults. Oracle Solaris Cluster, built on the solid foundation of Oracle Solaris, offers the most extensive Oracle enterprise High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for the largest portfolio of mission-critical applications.

  • Fault Management Architecture (FMA) proactively monitors system hardware and can take failing components off line while keeping the system running
  • Service Management Framework (SMF) provides resilience for software services
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster faster failure detection and recovery enables lower overall service outage
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster seamless integration with Oracle Solaris Zones facilitates consolidation of multiple applications in same physical cluster for lower TCO without compromise on availability.
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster geo edition multi-cluster feature protects business operations in case of local disaster
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