Oracle Solaris 11 Security


Security in Oracle Solaris 11 is considered to be the highest priority, which is reflected in both the security services provided to our users and in the production of Oracle Solaris in a secure manner.
Oracle Solaris security technologies  protect  data, applications, users, and the operating system itself from a variety of external and internal threats which reduces risk and prevents breaches. Oracle Solaris is developed following the Oracle Software Security Assurance process, which mandates that security is integrated into the design, build, testing, and maintenance process, not just bolted on afterwords.

Oracle Solaris:
  • Is an assured system to build on security is integrated, not bolted on
  • Protects data at rest and in motion with discretionary and mandatory access control, data encryption, and integrity protection
  • Contains applications and users using zones, privileges, and role based access control
  • Reduces risk of insider attacks using role based access control and delegated administration
  • Assists in compliance with auditing and logging
  • Provides trusted labeled security and multi-level access control
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