Security and Compliance


Oracle Solaris 11 is a complete, integrated, and open platform engineered for secure and compliant enterprise cloud environments. Oracle Solaris combines the power of industry standard security features, unique security and anti-malware capabilities, and compliance management tools for low risk application deployments and cloud infrastructure. Oracle hardware systems and software in silicon provide the anti-malware trust anchors, accelerate cryptography, and help protect from memory attacks with ADI, NX, and SMEP.

Oracle Solaris:
  • Provides a more secure enterprise cloud
  • Provides a more secure application lifecycle
  • Provides a more compliance infrastructure
  • Provides a more secure application
  • Provides a more secure infrastructure
  • Is an assured and tested low risk platform

Data Sheets

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 Oracle Solaris 11 - Engineered for Security Designed for Compliance

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Product Documentation

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