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Getting Started
Technical Article: Introduction to JavaServer Faces
A high level overview of what JavaServer Faces is and its overall importance to JEE Web development.

Technical Article: Introduction to JSF Components and the ADF Faces Components
Learn how Oracle ADF Faces simplifies and enhances JSF development.

Tutorial: Getting Started with JSF
Get busy building your first JSF application (using JDeveloper 11g).

Tutorial: Developing Ajax-Based User Interfaces with JSF
Use the ADF Faces JSF components to get Ajax capabilities in your Web application.

Tutorial: Build a Web Application with EJB, JPA, and JavaServer Faces
Integrate JPA and EJB database access with JSF user interfaces.

Technical Article: Building Database-Driven Applications with JSF
Learn how to develop JSF-based Web applications that update and query a relational database using Oracle TopLink and JSTL's SQL tags.

Product Demo: JSF Design Time in Oracle JDeveloper
A demo of the JSF development experience in JDeveloper.

Demo: ADF Faces Rich Client JSF Components Runtime Experience
This demo offers an overview of JSF support in JDeveloper 10.1.3.

Technical Articles

• Developing Web Interfaces with JSF (JavaPro)

White Papers & Doc

Introducing JSF to 4GL Developers JSF, Ajax and Flash: Next Generation User Interfaces
Introducing JSF - A Dummies Guide ADF Business Components / ADF / ADF Faces Developer Guide

Demos, HowTos & Tutorials

Steve Muench Screencasts HowTo: Build a Simple JSF and Web Services App
HowTo: Build a Simple JSF and TopLink App Tutorial: Introduction to ADF Faces/Trinidad Using JDeveloper
HowTo: Work with JSF Select Components HowTo: Working with ADF Faces Select Components
Tutorial: Use JSF with JDeveloper 10g (10.1.2 or previous versions) HowTo: Use MyFaces with JDeveloper


Pro JSF and Ajax JavaServer Faces: The Complete Reference