Oracle and the US TCSEC

Oracle pursued and successfully completed TCSEC evaluations of its Oracle7 and Trusted Oracle7 database server products.

Oracle does not participate in the TCSEC any longer as TCSEC has been superseded by Common Criteria.

For a matrix of Oracle security evaluations currently in progress as well as those completed please read the go to Oracle Security Evaluations Status.

Overview of the TCSEC
Published first in 1983, the US Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria ( TCSEC, also known as the "Orange Book") has been used since then for the evaluation of operating systems. In April 1991, the US National Computer Security Center (NCSC) published the Trusted Database Interpretation (TDI) which sets forth an interpretation of these evaluation criteria for database management systems and other layered products. Products are evaluated against the TCSEC and the TDI at predefined classes from D (lowest) up to A1 (highest).

Evaluation Status




Oracle7 Database Server, Release (No longer supported)



Trusted Oracle7 Database Server, Release (No longer supported)