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NBC Sports Engages Fans with Oracle Cloud
NBC Sports Engages Fans with Oracle Cloud

We see social media driving business results… more viewership, engagement and partnerships with advertisers and marketers. It's our obligation to continue to connect with fans.

– Mark Lazarus: Chairman, NBC Sports Group
Southwest Airlines is Miles Ahead
Southwest Airlines is Miles Ahead
Customers are receiving greater value by being part of the enhanced loyalty programme, and financially it's been a benefit for Southwest
–Ryan Green, Sr. Director, Loyalty & Partnerships, Southwest
Walgreens Delivers
Walgreens Delivers Context-Aware, Unique Experiences

The new battleground for commerce is social, local and mobile… To deliver a context-aware, unique experience… Mobile has changed everything. Mobile has put us back on the map.

— Jason Fei, Dir. Architecture, E-commerce, Walgreens

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