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Oracle's Accessibility Program

"Oracle is committed to creating accessible technologies and products that enhance the overall workplace environment and contribute to the productivity of our employees, our customers, and our customers' customers."
—Safra Catz, Chief Executive Officer, Oracle
"Oracle's business is information—how to manage it, use it, share it, protect it. Our commitment to create products that simplify, standardize and automate extends to all users, including users who are disabled."
—Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle

For many reasons—legal, business, and ethical—Oracle recognizes the need for our applications, and our customers' and partners' products built with our tools, to be usable by the disabled community. The Oracle Accessibility Program Office, reporting to the office of the Chief Corporate Architect, is responsible for defining the corporate standards for accessibility, and developing materials to train all employees so that they can successfully create products that meet those standards.

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February 2015: Oracle is sponsoring the Bay Area Accessibility Camp
Oracle is a sponsor of the Bay Area Accessibility Camp taking place February 28, 2015. The goal of the camp is to provide an opportunity for members of the design/development, usability, accessibility, other IT and end-users with disabilities communities to interact and learn from each other. No experience with accessibility is required. It is a participant-driven BarCamp/unconference.

March 2015: Oracle Presentations and Sponsorship of CSUN
James Nurthen and Don Mauck of the Oracle Accessibility Program Office will be presenting at the 30th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, hosted by California State University, Northridge, March 2 through 7, 2015. Oracle is also an Exclusive Sponsor of the conference.

August 2014: Industry Position Paper Released - "Reporting Conformance to ICT Accessibility Standards"
The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) released the white paper Reporting Conformance to ICT Accessibility Standards (PDF) about the trend requiring companies to give a "yes/no" or "pass/fail" answer when addressing how well products meet accessibility requirements. The paper reviews how this is an insufficient way to answer accessibility criteria and the impact it has when being applied to complex products. Oracle uses the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) to report accessibility conformance of our products.

August 2014: Oracle to be on PEAT panel "Employers & Accessible Technology: The What, Why and How."
Peter Wallack of the Oracle Accessibility Program Office will be on the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology (PEAT) webinar, "Employers & Accessible Technology: The What, Why and How." This online event will take place on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 from 2:00pm EST to 3:30pm EST. Contact for more details.

July 2014: Oracle to be on panel at NFB Web Accessibility Training Day
Peter Wallack of the Oracle Accessibility Program Office will be a member of the panel on Enterprise Implementation of Accessibility at the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and Maryland Technology Assistance Program's Web Accessibility Training Day on September 9, 2014. The event is part of the NFB Center of Excellence in Nonvisual Access to Education, Public Information, and Commerce, as part of its training initiative.

July 2014: The Oracle Scholarship for Excellence in Computer Science
This year's winner for the Oracle Scholarship in Excellence in Computer Science is Cindy Bennett, a human-centered technology researcher and designer, currently researching the accessibility of multimedia education tools. The scholarship of $3,000 is for a legally blind student in the field of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, User Experience, or related field. For full details of the scholarship, including eligibility requirements and application instructions, see .

March 2014: Oracle presentation and sponsorship of CSUN
Oracle was a speaker and sponsor of this year's 29th Annual the International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, hosted by California State University, Northridge.

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