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Oracle's Accessibility Program

"Oracle is committed to creating accessible technologies and products that enhance the overall workplace environment and contribute to the productivity of our employees, our customers, and our customers' customers."
—Safra Catz, President, Oracle
"Oracle's business is information—how to manage it, use it, share it, protect it. Our commitment to create products that simplify, standardize and automate extends to all users, including users who are disabled."
—Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle

For many reasons—legal, business, and ethical—Oracle recognizes the need for our applications, and our customers' and partners' products built with our tools, to be usable by the disabled community. The Oracle Accessibility Program Office, reporting to the office of the Chief Corporate Architect, is responsible for defining the corporate standards for accessibility, and developing materials to train all employees so that they can successfully create products that meet those standards.

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March 2013: Oracle sessions at CSUN
Oracle will be presenting sessions at CSUN, the Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, organized by California State University, Northridge:

  • Oracle Accessibility News, Wednesday, February 27, 10:40am
  • Accessibility in the ARIA-Enabled Siebel CRM, Wednesday, February 27, 1:50 pm
  • Fixing Web Pages using JavaScript, Thursday, February 28, 10:40 am
  • Java Platform Accessibility: Java 7,JavaFX, Friday, March 1 4:20pm

November 2012: The Oracle Scholarship for Excellence in Computer Science
In conjunction with the National Federation of the Blind, Oracle is pleased to announce a scholarship of $3,000 for a legally blind student in the field of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, User Experience, or related field. Oracle seeks to hire the best and brightest talent to build our products, basing our employment decisions only on merit, experience, and potential. With more than 390,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries around the globe, we recognize the significant impact that our products and technologies can have on people with disabilities. For full details of the scholarship, including eligibility requirements and application instructions, see

July 2011: Oracle Presenting at NFB Convention
The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is the largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the United States. Their annual National Convention is traditionally the largest disability conference of its kind, drawing more than 3,000 blind people from across the US. As part of Oracle's Accessibility Program, we have a close relationship with the NFB, and have been a proud sponsor of the convention since 2008.

Oracle will also be presenting at the convention, July 7, 7:30 PM, The Impact of Oracle Products in Education and the Workplace.

March 2010: Oracle sessions at CSUN
Oracle will be presenting in several sessions at CSUN, the Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, organized by California State University, Northridge:

  • March 24, 8:00 AM: AEGIS update—the first 18 months of the project
  • March 24, 12:30 PM: Simulating vision impairments for Java/Swing developers using the NetBeans IDE
  • March 25, 1:50 PM: Topics in Java and OpenDocument Accessibility
  • March 25, 1:50 PM: Lessons Learned While Making a Web 2.0 Enterprise Application Accessible

August 2009: The Promise of Accessibility
The August issue of Profit magazine features the story The Promise of Accessibility, highlighting the collaboration between Oracle and the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). Published quarterly, Profit provides business leaders with a road map on turning their technology investments into top and bottom line advantages. Mark Riccobono and Anne Taylor, executives of the NFB, explain the goals of their organization, and how the accessibility of Oracle products allow NFB members to seek employment opportunities and fully participate in the information age.

July 2009: Oracle sponsors the National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam
Oracle is a proud sponsor of the Youth Slam, an event designed to engage, inspire, and encourage the next generation of blind youth to consider careers falsely believed to be impossible for the blind. Two hundred blind and low vision students from all across the country will attend this five-day adventure, where they will be mentored by blind role models during fun and challenging activities designed to build confidence and increase science literacy. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend workshops on topics such as leadership, career preparation, and blindness.

October 2008:
The Accessibility Program Office held 'Accessibility Days' at the Redwood Shores campus, to promote accessibility awareness across the company. Employees were shown demonstrations of various assistive technology including screens readers and screen magnifiers, as well as testing tools that have been developed for in-house use. Subject matter experts in the areas of Usability, Testing, VPATs, and Program Management were on hand to answer the questions of the more than 500 attendees. October was chosen as the kick-off month for these events because it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and Oracle products play a key role in the ability of our more than 320,000 customers to employ persons with disabilities.

July 2008: Oracle and the National Federation of the Blind announce Center of Excellence for Enterprise Computing
At the annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) in Dallas, Texas, Oracle announced a collaboration with the NFB focusing on Enterprise Computing. A new Center of Excellence at the Jernigan Institute is designed to improve accessibility of enterprise applications. Increased employment opportunities in technology, better training and education programs, new technical software solutions, and awareness are just a few of the expected benefits. Read more about the Center of Excellence at:

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