Oracle CRM On Demand Sales

Oracle CRM On Demand Sales increases sales productivity and results by providing companies with a comprehensive set of tools to optimize the entire sales processesfrom initial lead qualification to opportunity management through forecasting and deal closure. CRM On Demand Sales also delivers critical information to everyone involved in the sales process, including inside sales, field sales, sales management, and partners. Embedded real-time reporting and powerful historical analytics provide insight to help you make better decisions. Relevant sales and prospecting information can be accessed quickly and conveniently through Outlook, a Web browser, on a smart phone, or on a tablet device. By automating sales processes, and providing a comprehensive view of your customers, CRM On Demand Sales helps sales teams focus on selling rather than searching for information, resulting in increased productivity and higher revenues.


  • Automate sales processes, enabling your salespeople to be more efficient, focus on customers and close more deals
  • Provide salespeople with a choice of easy-to-use interfaces and the flexibility to work the way they dowith complete access, anytime and anywhere
  • Improve interaction with customers, by giving everyone in the organization access to one single source of truth via a customer repository
  • Enable salespeople and managers to access advanced analytics to improve pipeline visibility and forecast more accurately


  • Alphawest: Improves sales predictability and forecast accuracy, cuts software costs by 50%
  • NKK Switches: Improves forecasting accuracy to 90% and Improves profitability with enhanced sales Data
  • Equifax: Improved sales representative accountability and productivity, contributing to a 10% increase in inside sales
  • Verigy: Improved sales forecasting accuracy by an estimated 25% with Oracle CRM On Demand
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