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Oracle's Sun Power Calculators help customers better understand the overall power consumption of Oracle's Sun products in the data center.


SPARC T4 Servers

SPARC T5 Servers

SPARC T7 Servers

SPARC M-Series Servers

SPARC Enterprise Servers with CMT Technology

Netra Systems

Tape Libraries

Tape Virtualization

Sun Storage 7000 Systems

Blade Servers

x86 Sun Fire Servers

SPARC Enterprise Servers

Solid State Storage

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

NOTE: Since the actual power consumption will vary with the application type, overall system utilization and ambient temperature, the estimates produced by Oracle's Power Calculators are not meant to be used as guidelines for a data center's power grid design and/or provisioning. For the above purposes, Oracle recommends using values found on the power supplies of the respective products.

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