Oracle Linux Operating System

The Best Linux for your Enterprise

Oracle Linux provides the latest innovations, tools, and features that enable you to innovate, collaborate, and create solutions. And whether in a traditional, cloud-based, or virtual environment, you can also take advantage of Oracle's worldwide, enterprise-class, low-cost support.

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As one of the most widely deployed operating systems today, Linux is increasingly being adopted for cloud-based solutions. Oracle Linux is the most complete and integrated solution available—and delivers higher performance and better reliability at up to 7 times lower cost than Red Hat. Below, explore the top reasons why Oracle Linux provides more value than Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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Reason Oracle Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Resources
Lower Cost

Oracle Linux is free to download and distribute

Free binaries, errata and updates

Support subscription for Oracle Linux is simple and extremely affordable

Support costs can be up to 7 times lower than Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux cannot be downloaded unless you buy a support subscription

Very high-cost subscriptions and add-ons

Complex licensing

Management Tools Included

Oracle Linux Support customers get access to free Oracle Linux server lifecycle management tools that are the equivalent of Red Hat Satellite Server and associated modules

The same Oracle Enterprise Manager tool can also be licensed to manage the entire solution from application to disk.

Users have to license Red Hat Satellite Server and associated modules for each server; the extra cost can quickly add up

High Availability (HA) Included

Oracle Linux includes OCFS2 and Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support subscribers have free access to Oracle Clusterware

Red Hat charges separately for add-ons that include clustering software for HA

Free Download of Binaries and Source

Oracle Linux installation media (DVD) are free to download, use and distribute

All source code for Oracle Linux, including source code for patches and errata are freely, publicly available

Red Hat Enterprise Linux cannot be downloaded unless you buy a support subscription

Enterprise-Quality Support with Premier Backporting

Same level of 24/7 enterprise-class support as Oracle Database

Backport bug fixes are available between update releases without forcing customers to upgrade to the entire update release

Zero downtime updates with Ksplice

Various levels of support include business hours only

Red Hat forces customers to upgrade to the latest update release in order to apply only a few bug fixes

Need to re-boot for software updates and patches

Ease of Deployment

To enable faster time to market for customers, Oracle provides documented best practices with Oracle Validated Configurations for Linux, which include recommendations on deploying pretested stacks of server, storage, drivers, networking components, Oracle Linux, and Oracle software in a physical and virtual environment

Oracle VM Templates offer pre-installed and pre-configured images of enterprise software running on Linux, eliminating the need to install and configure from scratch

Red Hat does not offer such a program

Red Hat does not adequately test with Oracle software

Integrated with Systems

Oracle's Sun x86 servers come preinstalled with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux; support for Oracle Linux is already included with the Oracle Premier Support for Systems

Red Hat needs to partner with other hardware and software companies to offer full stack

Fully Tested and Ready for Data Center Deployments

Oracle makes significant investment in testing Linux internally, both in the development farm and Global IT

More than 80,000 hours of QA is run on Oracle Linux servers each day in our development farm

More than 42,000 servers run Oracle Linux supporting Oracle's Global IT

Red Hat does not test with Oracle Database and Oracle Applications

Complete Solution with a Single Point of Contact for Support

Only Oracle offers a complete and integrated, applications-to-disk Linux solution (servers, operating system, database, and applications), including a single point of support—eliminating finger pointing among various vendors

Need to deal with numerous vendors for the solution and for support


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