Oracle Linux Operating System

The Best Linux for your Enterprise

Oracle Linux brings the latest Linux innovations to market, delivering extreme performance, advanced scalability, and reliability for enterprise applications and systems, along with worldwide, enterprise-class, low-cost support.

  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Linux
Feature Benefit
Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Includes:
  • Fast, modern, and reliable
  • Tracks Linux mainline closely
  • Able to parallelize network and disk IO
  • Efficiently runs on systems with many cores and threads and NUMA nodes
  • Optimized for solid state
  • Includes latest Btrfs, OCFS2 file systems
  • Built-in data integrity
  • Hardware fault management
  • Enables zero downtime kernel updates
  • Improves application availability, uptime, and security
  • Enables the prompt installation of OS upgrades
  • Improves sys admin productivity
  • Easily integrates into your environment’s change management practices with rollback feature
  • Provides a single view of the software stack
  • Traces kernel, system libraries,and applications
  • Enables you to quickly identify performance bottlenecks on production systems using dynamic tracing by defining probe points live, at runtime
  • Enables static tracing using instrumentation compiled into kernel and applications
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
  • A complete solution for managing Oracle IT infrastructure from a single console
  • Provisioning and patch management for Oracle Linux
  • Manage systems compliance and execute operational procedures on any number of servers
  • Support for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is included, at no additional charge, with Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support subscriptions
Spacewalk 2.0
  • Open source Linux systems management solution
  • Provides tools for installing software updates and provisioning new systems
  • Allows administrators to easily manage and monitor systems across geographical locations
  • Support for Spacewalk 2.0 is included at no additional charge with Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support subscriptions
Linux Containers
  • Enables running multiple instances of an OS or application on a single host
  • Provides comprehensive process and resource isolation
  • Enables you to run multiple versions of an OS on a single server
  • Enables you to quickly set up a sandbox environment
  • Detects and fixes data and file system corruption
  • Enables the creation of lightweight copies/clones of files or entire directory structures with minimal additional disk space requirements
  • Improves backup operations
  • Provides optimized support for solid-state (Flash) storage devices
  • Allows quick rollback of software or OS upgrades
  • Improves file system performance by reducing disk seeks
  • Improves storage capacity and reduces disk I/O operations
  • Provides integrated support for multiple devices
  • Provides an open-source, enterprise-class alternative to proprietary cluster file systems
  • Provides high performance and high availability
  • Provides local file system semantics and can be used with any application
  • Enables cluster-aware applications to leverage cache-coherent parallel I/O for higher performance
Data Integrity
  • Implements T10 PI and Data Integrity Extensions (DIX) to address silent data corruption
  • End-to-end data protection prevents bad data from being written to disk
  • Addresses the gap in logical block checksum checking that is not enough to prevent silent data corruption
  • Addresses regulations such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), which mandates controls for the protection of customer data
Transcendent Memory
  • Improves the utilization of physical memory in a virtualized environment by claiming underutilized memory in a system and making it available where it is most needed
  • Provides fast pseudo-RAM of indeterminate and varying size that is useful primarily when real RAM is in short supply


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