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Oracle Customer Success—ProVita International Medical Center

ProVita International Medical Center

ProVita International Medical Center Integrates Its Business and Finance Divisions Using ERP and HR Cloud Solution


We achieved 100% of the integration, reengineering, and financial improvements that we were expecting from Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning and Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud. The solution enables us to fully concentrate on our core business and easily replicate processes across new care facilities.

— Darshak Shah, Financial Controller, ProVita International Medical Center

ProVita International Medical Center (ProVita) created the long-term healthcare market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the foremost provider of acute care, long-term medical care, and rehabilitative services in the UAE.

ProVita specializes in the treatment and management of chronically ill pediatric and adult patients requiring continuous medical intervention, including mechanical ventilation within a post-acute, home-like setting. Established in 2011, and with facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, its team of specialized physicians, internationally trained nurses, and therapists focuses on improving patients’ quality of life through personalized, holistic programs encompassing clinical care, rehabilitative therapy, and social and cultural development.

ProVita was the first private long-term care facility in the region to attain the prestigious Joint Commission International accreditation which recognizes that they meet international healthcare quality standards for patient care and organization management in a long-term care environment. ProVita maintains strong ties with global partners Joslin Diabetes Center and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, both Harvard Medical School affiliates. ProVita is a subsidiary of NMC Healthcare, the UAE’s largest private healthcare provider.
Business Challenge
  • Integrate human resources (HR), supply chain, and finance departments of long-term care facilities within a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to keep ProVita at the forefront of the UAE healthcare market
  • Standardize, streamline, and enhance business processes, such as procurement of medical supplies across two facilities which was previously done manually, to increase cost efficiencies and negotiating capacity
  • Meet functional and managerial-level reporting requirements through timely, comprehensive reports for financial and other transactions while enabling rapid creation of customized reports, such as monthly consumption reports of medical supplies
  • Improve internal controls for better cost analysis and benchmarking, so that limited resources and budgets can be utilized for maximum efficiency, such as continuously improving healthcare quality standards at ProVita
  • Standardized business processes across the organization and ensured integration of legacy systems with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud for a much lower total cost of ownership than an on-premises solution would have required—enabling the company to pursue its growth and regularly onboard new staff
  • Integrated HR and payroll transactions—which represent 60% of the company’s costs—with Oracle Financials Cloud for better coordination, greater visibility, and analysis
  • Facilitated accurate analysis of ProVita’s healthcare business for effective decision-making by creating simplified, automatically updated transactions and financial reports for meeting various managerial and functional requirements, including real-time reporting and easy consolidation of financial reports
  • Improved internal controls, such as monitoring the consumption of medical supplies through improved inventory and consumption reporting and comparison with forecasts, by moving from paper-based processes to a fully integrated Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Gained the ability to constantly analyze the consumption of medical supplies by generating consumption reports—which were previously not available—within one hour
  • Gained the ability to monitor and centralize procurement processes used at different facilities to better forecast and compare expenditure per facility by enabling item-level coding of medical supplies
  • Streamlined procurement by empowering staff with easy-to-use procurement templates, full visibility across two inventory locations, and more negotiation capacity by bundling orders
  • Ensured cost savings and achieved better cash flow for funding new healthcare clinics across the region by optimizing core operations and processes in existing facilities, which also serve as a benchmark for replicating processes in new healthcare facilities
  • Leveraged reengineered business processes to create a customized approval hierarchy and ensuring accurate recording of all approvals—with up-to-date financial records required for the various approvals—significantly expediting approvals across the organization

Why They Chose Oracle

“We wanted an integrated solution which would help the company have a consolidated view of its entire portfolio. In comparison to other vendors, Oracle’s greater presence in UAE and in the healthcare sector, as well as feedback from existing Oracle clients, helped us choose Oracle for this project.”
—Darshak Shah, Financial Controller, ProVita International Medical Center

About ProVita International Medical Center


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Less than 500


ProVita worked with Oracle Platinum Partner Evosys as Evosys has an excellent track record of previous implementations in this domain. Evosys performed the implementation, provided training to power users, and helped ProVita with numerous onsite and offsite requirements, such as the ability to tailor reporting to individual needs.
Published:  Sep 01, 2019