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Oracle Customer Success—United Al Saqer Group (UASG)

United Al Saqer Group (UASG)

UASG Integrates 17 Companies and Boosts Operational Efficiency with Oracle Cloud


With Oracle Cloud, we unified data and core business processes from 17 entities onto a single platform, streamlined functional operations, enabled group-wide visibility through Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition, and introduced a dealership management system. We greatly improved customer satisfaction, and I recommend all IT decision makers to take a closer look at the capabilities of Oracle Cloud.

— Mohammed Younes, Chief Information Officer, United Al Saqer Group (UASG)

UASG Boosts Service Delivery, Streamlines Operations, and Enhances Group-Wide Planning by Unifying Data from 17 Companies on a Single Cloud Platform

United Al-Saqer Group (UASG) is a conglomerate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with business interests encompassing a diverse array of industries including automotive, property management, financial services, construction, joinery, hospitality, and heavy equipment trading services. Each of the group’s entities traditionally managed its own IT systems and data, which made it difficult for the executive board and business leaders to receive timely and accurate operational data with which to measure and improve business performance. As part of its digital transformation strategy, UASG decided to implement a global cloud system to unify group data, streamline and automate core functional processes, and improve service delivery.
Business Challenge
  • Enhance growth and foster data-driven decision making by providing the executive board with accurate, up-to-date operational data across each of the group’s businesses—spanning the automotive, heavy equipment, transportation, real estate, financial services, and construction industries—previously impossible as each business had its own data and systems
  • Improve service delivery to internal and external customers by implementing a group-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system covering human resources (HR), payroll, finance, and procurement, and also including self-service functionality
  • Build a new solution for the group’s automotive dealership business by consolidating sales, customer service, and spare parts onto a unified cloud system—a model that had no industry equivalent for benchmarking
  • Boost efficiency across HR, finance, and procurement functions by standardizing and automating processes to reduce administrative work and paper consumption
  • Reduce operating costs, enhance data security, and drive innovation by moving to a fully integrated cloud platform as part of the group’s digital transformation strategy
  • Improved service delivery, enhanced operational efficiency, and lowered costs by consolidating group HR, financial, and operational data from 17 business entities onto a single Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Implemented a unique, cloud-based dealership management system for the automotive sector with Oracle Cloud Platform, integrating sales, service, and parts businesses—considered as one of the most advanced systems in this vertical in the world
  • Provided automotive customers with a single platform where they can book appointments, track the status of their vehicle service, review current models, look up and order spare parts, and receive notifications of payments—all conveniently from their mobile devices
  • Automated 100% of the group’s core HR, financial, and procurement processes—achieving significant functional efficiencies, minimizing operating costs, and reducing the group’s paper use by 85%
  • Ensured seamless integration between UASG’s Oracle Cloud environment and multiple in-house software applications thanks to Oracle SOA Cloud Service—improving decision making by enabling the executive board to access real-time operational reporting across all group companies, where previously a simple management report took a week to prepare
  • Enabled UASG to run payroll for 3,000 employees with a single click instead of needing to consolidate and run 11 independent payroll systems involving multiple spreadsheets—significantly reducing manual HR labor while providing faster insights on group headcount and internal salary costs to business leaders
  • Streamlined the service function by enabling field service technicians—who are dispatched to remote locations to repair cranes and other heavy equipment—to take and upload pictures of damage, get approval from head office, cost the repair, present the quotation to the customer, and obtain the customer’s signature on a mobile device within minutes—a process that previously took days
  • Delivered a single, centralized platform to enable the group to maintain accuracy of order management and inventory levels, optimize the allocation of field service technicians, and improve procurement processes—for example, by empowering employees to track the progress of shipments, or to locate a spare part in a warehouse instantly instead of needing to manually search through 10 screens
  • Accelerated and simplified HR service delivery across the group by enabling each employee to conduct a range of processes anywhere and anytime—for example, applying for leave or printing salary certificates—without needing to go through HR, log into various systems, fill out paper forms, or send multiple emails
  • Streamlined reporting, simplified auditing, ensured data integrity, and improved security and access management by integrating data from 17 legal entities—each previously with its own stand-alone IT system—on Oracle Database Cloud Service as a single repository
  • Improved group operational and workforce planning by providing management executives with intuitive, out-of-the-box dashboards containing accurate operational data and predictive and actionable analytics


Oracle is leading the cloud race and continues to invest heavily in cloud services, which was a key decision factor because we are new to the cloud world. Where other vendors could only offer a mix of on- and off-premises solutions, Oracle provided a single, unified cloud platform spanning all our group’s diverse businesses.

— Mohammed Younes, Chief Information Officer, United Al Saqer Group (UASG)

About United Al Saqer Group (UASG)


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Annual Revenue

US$100 Million to US$500 Million
Founded in 1980, United Al Saqer Group (UASG) owns and manages a diverse yet complementary portfolio of UAE-based companies including Abu Dhabi Motors, Dalma Motors, Al Saqer Heavy Equipment, Al Saqer Property Management, Awraq Islamic financial brokerage, Royal International Construction, Global Catering Services, and Royal Joinery. It serves customers through a network of partners and sales teams throughout the Middle East, and is one of the largest and oldest privately held groups in the UAE.
Published:  Jun 06, 2018