Oracle Supply Chain Management for PLM

Product Development and Oracle Supply Chain Management
Product Lifecycle Management for Innovative Product Development
Product Innovation and Oracle SCM
Aligned Product Innovation

Can you go from idea to profitable product—every time?

Select, convert, and invest in the ideas with the most profit potential, with bottom-up innovation and top-down visibility into financial and strategic data to monetize open, aligned innovation.

Product Development and Oracle SCM
Product Development

Do you regularly deliver new products that meet—or exceed—customer requirements?

Delight customers with high quality, innovative products, while controlling cost and risk. Bring products to market faster by optimizing your global, outsourced product value chain.

PLM and Product Commercialization
Product Commercialization

Are you launching every product flawlessly?

Give new products a flying start. Align and prepare your entire commercialization network to predictably launch products on time across sales channels, manufacturers, supply sites, and partners.

Product Quality and Compliance
Product Quality and Compliance

Can you proactively manage quality and compliance to avoid high service and support costs?

Minimize warranty, service, support, and regulatory costs. With full visibility across the product value chain and closed-loop quality and compliance processes, you’ll deliver better products, faster.

Continuously Improve Growth and Profitability with Oracle Supply Chain Management
Growth and Profitability

Do you have the insight to continuously improve profitability?

Drive excellence and growth across your customer-centric product value chain. With the latest tools to monitor, measure, and improve decision-making, you can immediately act upon opportunities.

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