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Discuss the implications of self-driving and autonomous technologies on the future of business with your peers

Defining the challenges and opportunities of autonomous

Some of Australia’s most respected technology leaders weigh in on what AI and autonomous means for them

How can you make autonomous work for you

Oracle’s CIO Think Tank members discuss how to start the journey to autonomous and why data is so important

In May 2019, we began our series of ThinkTank Summits, to open up discussions around AI, Autonomous and other self-driving technologies with a select group of Australian technology leaders.

Here we look at what has been learned from the challenges and opportunities they are facing, how can they get the right strategy in place, and the best entry points into using these game-changing new technologies.

Summit reports

What have we learned so far?

Viewpoints on self-driving technology adoption strategy and entry points, with thinking from the Melbourne and Sydney Summits:

Continuing the conversation

To dig deeper into self-driving technologies, and how you can integrate them into your enterprise, Oracle, in partnership with Accenture and IBRS, have created an exclusive LinkedIn group for the collaboration of like-minded tech leaders here: Oracle ThinkTank LinkedIn group

Looking at the wider ecosystem around Oracle Autonomous technology

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