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Oracle Cloud accelerates Grupo DPSP service rollout

Brazil’s second-largest drugstore chain is using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to accelerate the availability of new services and secure its business.


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About the customer

Healthier, happier customers

Grupo DPSP, the result of the 2011 merger of Brazilian drugstore chains Drogaria São Paulo and Drogarias Pacheco, now operates more than 1,400 stores nationwide.

Grupo DPSP’s main goal is to help its customers become healthier, while making it easier and more convenient for them to find what they need. The company supplements the friendly customer service provided by its 26,000 employees with modern digital solutions that let customers access its pharmacies 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the country.

Grupo DPSP’s new ecommerce app provides customers with personalized offers, price transparency, a digital wallet, and more.

Being part of a company that transforms peoples’ lives—that’s very motivating.
Eliseu Rocha, Head of IT Enterprise Architecture, Grupo DPSP

Customer Story

Accelerating innovation

In August 2019, Grupo DPSP set a deadline of four weeks for implementing a new customer-facing application for its 18 million customers. Thanks to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, the new app, called Meu Viva Saude (My Live Health), arrived on time. Launched in September 2019, it already has millions of users.

Tackling such an ambitious project in a short period of time required a strong technical foundation. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing offered three main benefits besides speed of implementation in record time, says Head of IT Enterprise Architecture Eliseu Rocha: a high level of security; built-in machine learning that drives personalization; and elimination of routine maintenance tasks.

Rocha's team is looking at other Grupo DPSP systems to migrate to Oracle Autonomous Database. He says that any systems that are experiencing workload or capacity issues are great candidates for this new database model.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Using autoscaling in Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, Grupo DPSP expanded the number of simultaneous database connections from 50 to 10,000 with high availability.

We chose Oracle Autonomous Database to replace a conventional database. It allowed us to implement the solution in 60 percent less time than we’d planned.

Eliseu Rocha, Head of IT Enterprise Architecture, Grupo DPSP