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News and Opinion

All customers, large and small, get SoCalGas' Darren Hanway's attention


Western Energy Institute profiles Oracle Utilities' customer SoCalGas' secret weapon Darren Hanway, manager of the utility's energy programs and strategy.

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How hard is it to build a virtual power plant anyway?


Our own Brad Williams helps answer that question in depth in this article from T&D World online.

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Smart data drives Japanese utility's success


Smart Energy International's Global Power & Energy Elites looks at the partnership between Japanese power utility Chubu Electric Power Grid Co. and Oracle Utilities in this special annual issue. (In English and Japanese.)

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Energy company takes aim at climate change


National Grid's Net Zero by 2050 plan is aimed at building a more sustainable world for future generations.

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The time is now for decarbonization


Oracle Utilities Opower's own Brad Langley unpacks the two fundamental truths for utility decarbonization in this article from Utility Dive.

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Transforming Municipal Water Performance


Oracle Utilities strategist Kate Rowland explores the economic challenges of running a muni water utility during a pandemic in this recent article with Water & Wastes Digest.

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4 Notes on Innovative Grid Restoration from 3 Utilities


Three utility executives "two in the U.S. and one from Europe" sat down to talk to Oracle Utilities analyst Kathleen Wolf Davis about the storms they're weathered (literally) and what they've learned from those storms (figuratively).

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The Sweatpants Effect


Opower's Alex Panchula explains how the working world is living in sweatpants these days and what that's doing to energy demand residentially as part of Zpryme's special contributor series.

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The World Needs Quick Wins to Fight Against Climate Change


Opower's Matt O'Keefe goes in depth on the role of utilities in the clean energy future in this edition of the Western Energy Institute's magazine.

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Miami Dade's Water and Sewer dishes on poop and COVID-19


Oracle Utilities analyst Kathleen Wolf Davis interviews the director of Miami Dade's Dept. of Water and Sewer about numerical variants, the current health crisis (and how the utility is helping with research) and what numbers dominate his day. (Hint: It's not COVID; it is effluent.)

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Utilities See Logistical Nightmares, Emotional Anguish as Pandemic Continues


Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Eversource, ComEd and Oracle Utilities' own Brad Williams discuss COVID-19's ongoing impacts on the industry.

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Changing Grid Topologies Require a New Approach to OT Architectures


Industry strategist Allison Salke unpacks why utilities are turning to the Operational Technology Message Bus (OTMB) to create a scalable platform for the future.

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AI is Transforming How Utilities Plan for Adverse Weather Events


Our own Francois Vazille, VP of JPAC & EMEA, advises that utilities need to increasingly rethink how they use data, innovation and intelligence to plan for outages and restoration efforts.

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Podcast #4: Digitalization's Role in the Utility of the Future


Oracle Utilities thought leader Mike Ballard discusses how deeper insights into the network and improved efficiency, especially in a time of social distancing, is also providing utilities with the ability to remotely control and monitor a multitude of devices.

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Utilities Forge Beyond SCADA with Oracle Advanced Distribution Management


Our own Brad Williams gives T&D World a view inside the evolution of SCADA in this recent article.

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Make Enterprise Optimization a Virtual Journey


Our own assets SME Jack Lucy reveals how every utility can get the most from their systems and processes today (and tomorrow, too) in Utility Products magazine online.

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Accelerating Urban Water Resilience through Innovation and Technology


Oracle Utilities' industry strategist Kate Rowland discusses the increasing stress on water systems around the globe in this recent issue of WaterWorld magazine.

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4 Things Utilities Want Their Customers To Hear


In this Forbes piece, our own Paul McDonald reveals a handful of insights on both what consumers are looking for from utilities and vice versa.

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Emerging Tech in Utilities


Oracle Utilities› Matt Gleeson examines the importance of new tech in India’s power sector in this piece for DQ Channels magazine.

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Podcast: Technology for Managing Distributed Energy Resources


Our own Brad Williams (aka #TheGridGuy) touches on a number of topics, including how DERMS, electric vehicles, and how utilities are dealing with the proliferation of edge devices and data in this podcast from Power magazine.

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Navigant Names Top Vendors for Advanced Distribution Management Systems


T&D World magazine covers a new report from Navigant Research on ADMS, revealing the high rank of Oracle Utilities in the mix.

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How Utility Messaging is Adapting to the Moment


In T&D World magazine's online community, Opower's Paul McDonald writes about how utilities are working hard to help their customers navigate the COVID-19 crisis with the right message at the right moment for health, comfort and safety.

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Cloudy Skies Ahead for Utilities


Brian Bradford from Industry Solutions looks at how utilities are optimizing their customer engagement using cloud computing, plus other factors driving utilities to adopt cloud technologies in Smart Energy International.

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Energy Affordability in Practice: Oracle Utilities Opower’s Business Intelligence to Meet Low and Moderate Income Need at Eversource


Opower teammates Jessica Lin, Kara Rodgers Marshall, Sanem Kabaca, Matt Frades and David Ware dive deep into a first-of-its-kind analytical approach to characterize communities in need and target the customers who need help in this upcoming issue of The Electricity Journal.

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Promoting Energy-Conscious Behaviour That Could Lower Energy Usage and Bills


Oracle Utilities’ Matt Gleeson discusses working with BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) to test the first territory-wide Home Energy Report (HER) programme in India.

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Utilities Jumping on the Blockchain Train


Oracle Utilities’ Francois Vazille unpacks how blockchain will impact utilities in the JPAC region and beyond.

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BGE, Oracle pilot new customer engagement tools for peak power pricing

12/12/19 Baltimore sat down with our own Paul McDonald to discuss how the Baltimore utility and Oracle’s Opower are testing to see whether weekly emails can shift more customers to use energy during off-peak hours.

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Too Many Electric Utilities Risk Obsolescence If They Don’t Modernize


Brian Bradford from Industry Solutions and Rajeev Tankha from CX discuss the next steps to creating that customer-centric future for utilities in this Forbes' BrandVoice article.

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The Art of Artificial Intelligence: Three Ways AI is Changing the Business of P&U


Oracle Utilities’ Dr. Ken Haig discusses how utility operators can leverage comprehensive, real-time models to ensure a more resilient and efficient grid in this issue of Energetica India.

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How Many Customer Desires Do You Fold into Bill Design?


On the Energy Central Community platform, Oracle Utilities’ Kathleen Wolf Davis covers the E Source Forum 2019 conference, including this piece that collects utility advice on building a better customer bill.

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Oracle Expands the Platform for Utility Customer Innovation


Smart Energy International reviews the new Opower combined solutions with partners EnergyHub, Powerley and Agentis.

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New Age Tech can Help Optimise India’s Energy Consumption Trends


India’s Financial Express magazine interviews Oracle Utilities’ Marisa Uchin, VP of Global Regulatory Affairs, on the challenges and growing needs in the region for the power sector.

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Powerley and Oracle Create a Complete Energy Management Journey


Smart Energy International examines the new offerings created by the Opower/Powerley partnership.

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Effort Seeks to Bolster Customer Energy Savings


Daily Energy Insider takes a closer look at the benefits combining Powerley’s Smart Home Energy Management (SHEM) platform with the Oracle Utilities Opower Customer Engagement Platform can offer customers.

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Women in Power: A Chat with CPS Energy’s Customer-centric Ladies-in-chief


On the Energy Central Community platform, Oracle Utilities’ Kathleen Wolf Davis talks with Paula Gold-Williams and Felecia Etheridge from CPS Energy about their time in the utilities industry and advice they’d give other women joining what’s traditionally been categorized an “old boys” business.

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Partnership to Integrate DERs into Utility Customer Experience


T&D World covers the EnergyHub and Oracle Utilities collaboration to create a connected utility experience and enable distribution operators to integrate DERs at scale.

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SoCalGas, Oracle Home Energy Reports Helped Reduce Natural Gas Use by 10M Therms


Daily Energy Insider reports on the SoCalGas and Oracle Utilities news that has resulted in customers saving more than $11 million on their bills.

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EnergyHub and Oracle Partner to Integrate DERs at Scale


Energy Manager Today unpacks the details of this partnership centered on distributed energy resources.

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Molding Your Perfect Customer-centric Grid? Impossible without DER Planning


On the Energy Central Community platform, Oracle Utilities’ Kathleen Wolf Davis ponders next steps after the updated and upgraded CIS and now that your utility has IoT in everything.

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Why Your Utility Needs to Know the Whens and Wheres of EVs Right Now


On the Energy Central Community platform, Oracle Utilities’ Kathleen Wolf Davis examines the disruption EVs will bring to the grid and what tools every utility needs to conquer that disruption.

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Oracle Customers Testing Analytics Solutions for EV Adoption and Integration


The Utility Analytics Institute examines how Oracle Utilities is ramping up investment in analytics-based products and services to facilitate smoother utility operations alongside booming EV adoption.

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Home Energy Reports: Still the Biggest, Baddest Way to Drive Customer Behavior


Utility Dive looks at the best ways to get consumers to change their habits, touching on the work of Opower and the savings created by their programs.

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Oracle Utilities Offers EV Charging Intelligence


Auto Connected Car News looks at the new electric vehicle detection options available with Oracle Utilities Analytics Insights.

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Texas Utility Modernizes Customer Information System


T&D World reveals the City of Lubbock Utilities selection of cloud-based Oracle Utilities service to upgrade the utility’s meter-to-cash operations.

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Make Your Water Utility Future Happen Today


Oracle Utilities’ Kathleen Wolf Davis examines what happens at the intersection of digital and damp for this recent issue of WaterWorld magazine.

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