Cloud Solutions Provider

An Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider is a recognized Oracle partner with the skills and demonstrated experience to build, deploy, run, and manage both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads in the Oracle Cloud. This Expertise is intended for partners who deliver or are expanding their professional or strategic business consulting services to architect, deploy and provide Managed Services for Oracle Cloud Solutions. Partners may access a more detailed Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider journey as a member of OPN.
Meeting the Qualifiers noted below recognizes your company as having proficiency to provide managed services within the declared regional market.

Oracle Cloud Expertise

Option 1
Attain and Publish the relevant Cloud Service Solution Expertise
CSSE: Industries

Option 2
Attain and publish the relevant Service Expertise

Qualifiers include:
→ 2 Implementation Specialist Certifications
→ 1 Solution Architect
→ 1 Project Manager
→ 1 Oracle Support Specialist
→ 2 Demonstrated Customer Successes


Attain and publish the relevant Sell Expertise

Qualifiers include:
→ 2 Sales Specialists
→ 2 Solution Engineers


Customer Success

Demonstrate Managed Customer Success
2 successfully managed customers under contract validated through
Customer Success Surveys
1 Partner-Published Customer Success Story highlighting managed services


Managed Service Audit

An annual 3rd Party Audit is required to attain and maintain an Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Expertise.
1 Independent audit of managed services


Review and accept Agreements and Publish Expertise

Partners require a valid Cloud Services Agreement (CSA) and Cloud Solutions Provider Amendment (CSPA) to the Cloud Services Agreement. These agreements provide partners the ability to use managed services with Oracle Cloud Technology and Applications for a specified end user.
Cloud Services Agreement (CSA)
Cloud Solutions Provider Amendment (CSPA)