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Contact Oracle in Africa

Sales or Product Enquiries

Sub-Sahara Africa : +212 522 977 308
SAAS Email:

North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco)
Phone No.: +212 522 977 308


  • Ivory Coast 2 Stage dialling: First 00.111.11 then 800.379.0402
  • Mauritius: 8020440036
  • Morocco: +212 2 297 7095
  • Egypt: +202 2 456 3456
  • All Other Countries: +202 2 456 3456

Need assistance for a Non-Technical request, or you just don't know where to go, contact Global Customer Care via:

Phone: +202 24563456 option 8 for English, option 9 for Arabic

On-line application (login name and CSI needed):

Oracle Partners

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Oracle Partner Network

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Visit Global Partner Support to get the help you need to develop, deploy and sell Oracle technology

Training & Certification

Want to get trained and certified in Oracle technology?
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Contact Oracle University
Phone: +20 (0) 2 35350254

Careers at Oracle

  • Looking for a Career? Opportunities are plentiful at Oracle. Start your search on ouriRecruitment page. Students and recent graduates should look for the dedicated portal for College Recruiting.