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Engineered Systems

Oracle Engineered Systems are integrated, full-stack platforms that are developed together with Oracle Database and applications to run mission-critical customer workloads faster, at lower costs, and with greater security than multivendor, on-premises solutions. Scalable designs let enterprises consolidate IT infrastructure and quickly adjust to increases in demand while management automation reduces administrative workloads and helps control costs.

Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Reimagining the data-driven bank

    OMDIA highlights how the Oracle Cloud@Customer portfolio is the leading choice for financial services institutions to meet all their business and technology objectives for an on-premises database cloud deployment.

  • Create and deploy cloud native applications on-premises

    ESG discusses how Oracle Private Cloud Appliance lets organizations use public cloud-compatible containers, tools, and APIs in their data centers to reduce IT complexity and increase agility.

  • Business benefits of data protection

    Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance helps prevent multiple types of data loss in Oracle databases and reduces the cost of protecting them through greater efficiency and automation.

How Oracle Engineered Systems power the enterprise

  • Prebuilt with full-stack integration

    Oracle Engineered Systems help organizations reduce IT complexity and total cost of ownership with integrated compute, storage, and software, including Oracle Database. These systems include built-in tools and APIs that simplify management, accelerate deployments, and help protect crucial company data.

    Analyst report: Finding a Setting Worthy of Your "Crown Jewels" (PDF)
  • On-premises to cloud portability

    Oracle Engineered Systems let organizations modernize applications and rapidly move to the cloud by deploying the same complete, easy-to-use converged Oracle Database capabilities wherever needed. Companies develop, test, and deploy creative line-of-business applications using Oracle Autonomous Database or Oracle Exadata Database Service in the cloud or on-premises, seamlessly moving workloads between different locations when needed.

    Analyst report: Oracle raises the stakes in the next-generation compute platform market (PDF)
  • Coengineering with Oracle software

    Oracle Engineered Systems include exclusive features developed with Oracle Database that implement optimizations across Oracle’s infrastructure and software stack. Advanced capabilities, such as Exadata Smart Scan query offloading and Oracle Operator Access Control, let customers run all types of database workloads with the highest performance while protecting databases against data loss and ransomware risks.

    Infographic: Oracle Database Appliance is 10X faster to install (PDF)
  • Greater value and lower cost

    Oracle Engineered Systems let organizations consolidate applications and databases on fewer high performance systems, lowering total cost of ownership by up to 47% as described in Wikibon’s analysis of Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer (PDF). Oracle Database Appliance reduces the complexity of deploying solutions to edge environments with automated management and capacity-on-demand licensing.

    Analyst report: Escaping VMware Lock-in and its Ever-Increasing Costs (PDF)

Engineered Systems

The best Oracle Database platform

Oracle Exadata's full-stack architecture improves the performance, scale, and availability of an enterprise’s Oracle databases. Available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, on-premises, and with Exadata Cloud@Customer, it incorporates more than 60 unique features that are coengineered with Oracle Database to accelerate OLTP, analytics, and machine learning applications. Exadata reduces capital costs and management expenses by letting IT departments consolidate hundreds of databases onto a single system, including running Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Exadata Database Service together on Cloud@Customer infrastructure deployed in their data centers.


  • A full-stack, integrated solution reduces integration requirements.
  • A high-availability infrastructure maximizes database uptime.
  • A scalable design enables database consolidation for organizations of any size.
  • Fully compatible on-premises and Oracle Cloud deployments simplify moving to the cloud.
  • Intelligent storage increases database performance and controls costs.
  • SQL read latency of less than 17 seconds improves OLTP responsiveness.
  • Up to 1 TB/sec SQL throughput accelerates data-intensive analytics applications.
  • Up to 25.2 million SQL I/O operations per second per rack increases throughput for consolidated workloads.

A small, simple, and optimized platform for Oracle Database

Oracle Database Appliance is the easiest and most affordable way for small and medium-sized organizations and business units, including those with distributed locations, to deploy and manage their databases, applications, and infrastructure. With it, you can reduce Oracle Database deployment times and management workloads using a database-optimized engineered system with end-to-end management automation. Oracle Database Appliance’s high performance, availability, and automation help you run crucial applications faster with less downtime and at a lower cost.


  • The ability to start running databases and applications in less than two hours
  • Tightly integrated and optimized full-stack solution
  • Entry-level configurations and pricing and flexible CPU licensing
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration
  • All hardware and software supported by Oracle

Automated protection and recovery of Oracle Databases

Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance continuously protects Oracle databases throughout the enterprise and accelerates their recovery to any point in time. It integrates unique automated backup and recovery, remote replication, and Oracle Cloud archiving capabilities to protect crucial customer databases running on virtually any platform against ransomware, theft, equipment failure, and human error. Recovery Appliance’s extensive automation also makes it easy for IT departments to implement Oracle Database data protection best practices and cut downtime costs by up to 47% according to Wikibon’s Recovery Appliance analysis.


  • Continuous protection reduces potential data loss to less than a second
  • Incremental-forever backups accelerate Oracle Database protection by up to 50X
  • Recoveries using virtual full backups of Oracle databases run up to 8X faster
  • Automation enables rapid deployment and reduces the need for specialized IT skills
  • Automated recoveries reduce manual IT tasks by up to 75%
  • Capacity scaling from 2 PB to over 200 PB of Virtual Full Backups enables enterprise-wide Oracle Database protection
  • Backup validation ensures that backups are good and offloads database servers
  • Real-time monitoring and automated reporting simplify compliance by providing the latest recoverability status for all protected Oracle Databases

Modern application infrastructure lowers cost

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is a scalable solution that’s optimized to run enterprise applications and middleware quickly and with a low TCO. OCI-compatible APIs and management tools provide compute, storage, and networking services for customer applications and middleware, creating a consistent environment that makes it easy to develop cloud native applications in Oracle Cloud and deploy them in customer data centers. With Private Cloud Appliance, customers can rapidly deploy and easily scale private clouds using prebuilt configurations to consolidate containerized, cloud native applications—and those running natively on multiple operating systems—onto a single platform. Private Cloud Appliance is also available as an on-premises managed service with flexible subscription pricing and Oracle management, so customers can reduce IT staff workloads and minimize costs.


  • OCI-compatible APIs and management tools make it easy to move workloads between customer data centers and the public cloud
  • Linux, Solaris, and Windows support simplifies infrastructure consolidation
  • Kubernetes-compliant management streamlines deployment of containerized applications
  • Automation enables customers to deploy applications and databases in minutes
  • Trusted partitions enable granular software licensing and lower costs by up to 85%
  • Can scale to 1,080 cores and over 8 PB of storage to support growing workloads
  • Architected with three separate fault domains to maximize application and middleware availability
  • Zero-downtime upgrades maximize the availability of customer applications

View all customer successes

Engineered Systems customer successes

Thousands of customers worldwide run applications and databases faster while simplifying management and reducing costs with Oracle Engineered Systems.

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ICS Financial Systems runs core banking applications up to 27X faster with Exadata

Engineered Systems use cases

  • Run databases faster and with lower costs

    Accelerate crucial Oracle databases and standardize on-premises IT infrastructure using the same technology as Oracle’s public cloud while reducing management workloads and lowering on-premises TCO by up to 47%, as described in Wikibon’s analysis (PDF) of running Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer.

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  • Build a private cloud

    Reduce data center complexity by consolidating Oracle Database workloads with Exadata or Exadata Cloud@Customer, increasing application performance while reducing manual database analysis and tuning.

    Read the York University story

  • Consolidate application infrastructure

    Reduce the number of standalone systems needed to run applications and eliminate the need to separately manage, patch, and secure each hardware and software component by using Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and running Oracle databases on Exadata.

    Read the TJMG story

  • Simplify remote and edge deployments

    Streamline database and application support for departments, remote locations, and edge environments with Oracle Database Appliance-based deployment and management.

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  • Protect Oracle databases across the enterprise

    Reduce the risk of losing mission-critical Oracle Database data to cyberattacks, outages, and human error by implementing policy-based, enterprisewide protection with Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance.

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Jun 22, 2023

Introducing Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M

Bob Thome, Vice President of Product Management for Exadata Cloud@Customer

Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M provides extreme scalability, performance, and economics, enabling you to run more OLTP transactions, perform more complex analytics, and consolidate larger workloads. With 190 usable processor cores per database server and 64 cores per storage server, you can do more work with fewer servers, reducing your overall infrastructure subscription.

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