Archive Storage

Long-term, low cost data storage
Customers trust Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Archive Storage to securely store any type of data in its native format. This cost-effective solution is highly durable and used for storing and managing encrypted data for long periods of time.

Archive Storage product features

Oracle Archive Storage provides highly reliable, long-term data storage for digital assets, online backup, records compliance, and other data-retention needs. It is actively monitored for data integrity and supports policy and rule-driven behaviors to address data lifecycle management needs.

Easy to use and integrate

Storage customers choose which storage tier (Archive or Object) is appropriate for data when a storage bucket is created. Data stored is accessed using the same methods as Oracle Object Storage (API, SDK) and Command Line Interface (CLI) and conveniently occupies the same storage namespace.

Built-in data protection

Enterprises rely on OCI Archive Storage to automatically replicate objects across multiple fault domains for long-term data durability. Data integrity is actively monitored and corrupt data is automatically detected and healed from redundant copies. All stored data is encrypted at rest, by default, using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Secured within your tenancy

With Archive Storage, customers have complete control over archive storage hierarchies with managerial controls designed to help avoid common object storage vulnerabilities that can lead to data leaks.

Compliance and certifications

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is compliance-ready with third-party audits and certifications available for specific regions and countries. Our Compliance Documents Service is self-service, so users can view and download compliance documents as needed, eliminating the need for support requests.

Preserve data using retention rules

Retention rules provide immutable object storage options for data written to Archive Storage for data governance, regulatory compliance, and legal hold requirements. Retention rules can also protect your data from accidental or malicious update, overwrite, or deletion.

API compatibility

Archive Storage provides API compatibility with OpenStack Swift API and Amazon S3 through Oracle Cloud’s Amazon S3 Compatibility API. Customers can continue using their existing Amazon S3 tools (for example, SDK clients) and minimize changes to make existing applications work with Oracle Object or Archive Storage.

Low, uniform, global pricing

Customer spend on data storage is transparent and predictable due to consistent global Object and Archive Storage pricing, which offers savings of 30% or more in some geographies relative to competitors.

Oracle Archive Storage use cases

  • Regulatory compliance and retention

    For certain classes of data, many industries require data retention for a defined length of time as well as locked retention settings. OCI Archive Storage regulatory compliance customers create a time-bounded retention rule and specify object duration. Object modification and deletion are prevented for the duration specified.

    Learn more about using retention rules to preserve data

  • Using Amazon S3 Compatibility and Swift APIs

    Oracle Cloud Storage supports native Object and Archive Storage APIs, and Amazon S3 Compatibility and Swift APIs. Using the Amazon S3 Compatibility API, customers can continue using their existing Amazon S3 tools (for example, SDK clients), requiring only minimal changes to keep applications working with Object or Archive Storage. If data is written to Object Storage using the Amazon S3 Compatibility API, the data can be read back using the native Object Storage API; the same applies conversely.

    Learn more about Amazon S3 Compatibility API

January 10, 2020

Oracle Database backup using Archive Storage in OCI

Tomasz Buchwald, A-Team – Cloud Solution Architects

Storing terabytes of database backups in Object Storage? Is the data accessed rarely or mostly saved for archive purposes? Now we have the opportunity to use Archive Storage. This is cost-effective, long-term, secure, policy-managed storage.

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