Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management

Does your inventory management solution provide visibility into and control of goods flows across your company and supply networks? Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management helps you meet demand while optimizing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

See how Oracle Inventory Management puts you in control.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management

Gain full visibility into and control of the flow of goods across your company and global supply networks to improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and optimize service levels and working capital investment.

Comprehensive materials management

Manage and optimize material flows

Ensure rapid order fulfillment and safeguard your revenue by automating, streamlining, and controlling inventory operations—both inside the company and across complex global supply networks—with a comprehensive inventory management solution.

Gain visibility and fulfillment flexibility

Gain real-time visibility into inventory across internal and external locations, including goods in transit. Support anytime, anywhere fulfillment with options such as drop-ship, back-to-back, and supplier consigned inventory.

Enhance decision-making

Use comprehensive dashboards to view balances and monitor and manage material status for both inbound and outbound flows. View activities requiring attention, and act across your facilities to quickly resolve them.

Optimize inventory and service levels

Ensure revenue and customer satisfaction

Manage costs and working capital and meet revenue goals by precisely determining the required inventory investments across stocking locations to achieve target service levels, meet customer demand, and deliver customer satisfaction.

Optimize stock levels

Use the power of Oracle Inventory Management with Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management to determine optimal inventory levels and replenishment policies for each item location based on demand forecasts and avoid overstocks or stockouts.

Customize replenishment

Set consumption-based replenishment triggers for specific locations, such as min-max and periodic restocking. Use Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Planning for more complex scenarios and large-scale operations.

Manage costing and optimize profitability

Manage valuation

Perform comprehensive costing—including indirect labor and overhead costs for precise inventory planning—work in process valuation, and profitability management. Deploy multiple ledgers to manage different regulatory and management reporting requirements.

Optimize profitability

Gain visibility into your company’s cost structure and supply chain operations. Support multiple costing methods and representations of product costs, landed costing, and tracking costs at flexible levels of granularity.

Manage intercompany transactions

Streamline intercompany transactions between operating locations and profit and cost centers. Ensure tax-efficient transactions and the accurate recording of goods flows between your company’s business units without impacting material flows.

Simplify receipt accounting

Gain full visibility into inbound transactions and accruals. Manage accounting for inbound goods or services receipts from suppliers, internal transfers, or trade transactions. Efficiently review and audit accruals and changes to acquisition costs.

Inventory Management customer successes

Customers in diverse industries leverage Oracle Cloud Inventory Management to drive operational excellence.

customer abstract

AlSafwa Cement Company streamlines procurement and inventory processes on a single cloud platform

Oracle Inventory Management benefits

Adapt to supply chain disruptions with agility

Gain real-time visibility across distribution centers to maintain high fill rates while reducing inventory levels and costs.

Meet demand while controlling costs (PDF)

Manage stocking levels to support changing demand

React to changing internal and external customer demands by quickly shifting stock between locations.

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Automate critical item replenishment

Replenish critical supplies quickly using planned automated replenishment to ensure critical item stock by specific location.



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