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HR Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

HR Solutions for Today and Tomorrow video

Oracle combines the best elements of analytics with powerful autonomous data management to create a modern solution for HR that is simple, repeatable, and fast. With Oracle’s technology, roadblocks are eliminated, key data is connected into a single source of truth, and unlocking highly actionable insights is faster than ever before.

Why Choose Oracle Analytics for HR?

HR departments focus on human behavior, but what is driving employee choices? With enough data and the right tools, the how and why behind individual decisions and performance can be understood. With Oracle analytics and data management, answers are at the fingertips of HR departments; they can indeed get greater insight into:

  • Recruitment: Get an objective view to show what is—and isn’t—working
  • Attrition: Break down the data to tell the story behind decisions
  • Payroll: Drill-down payroll metrics for insight on elements such as benefits, overtime, and absenteeism

Oracle’s solution allows you to do much more than crunch numbers. Visualizations translate statistics into digestible charts and graphs, and when coupled with built-in machine learning models, trends and future projections can be easily determined and conveyed for better business decisions. With Oracle, HR professionals can:

  • Leverage and easily manage all data, including real-time HR data combined with other enterprise or third-party data in a single source of truth
  • Get new insights faster, by applying machine learning to create predictive models
  • Take rapid action, accessing live data and insights from any device

In an industry dedicated to getting the most out of people, data and metrics can offer the greatest insight into what makes people tick. With Oracle, HR departments have the foundation for cutting-edge talent management, enabling them to increase employee satisfaction, reduce attrition, and optimize budgets.

Oracle Analytics and Oracle Autonomous Database for HR Professionals


Leverage All Data

Data comes from everywhere, not just your Human Capital Management systems. It comes from various departments, third-party information, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and many more sources. This solution streamlines data processing to unlock the value of analyzing all data, uncovering relevant insights to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Accuracy and Trust

With this solution, data is consolidated into a single source of truth, resulting in trustworthy analytics insights and results. When propagated to other departments, parties, or applications, Oracle Analytics creates consistency and accuracy with a unified view of data, metrics, and insights.


Improved Productivity

All steps in your data workflow are optimized. Data and analytics processes are faster. Built-in capabilities, such as machine learning, accelerate model building. Efficiency is optimized, with end-to-end process improvement—from data to insight to decisions.


Faster Time to Insights

Relying on Oracle’s solution, HR professionals can automatically find patterns and trends in data, perform root cause analysis, and model “what if” scenarios using machine learning. They can provide executives and other lines of business with real-time, powerful insights on any device, and get new projects started in hours to address ad hoc needs.

Build your HR solutions on Oracle Analytics.