Analytics for Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics is a prebuilt cloud native analytics solution for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP that helps finance, procurement, and project professionals uncover the underlying drivers of profitability, improve the use of working capital, and control business expenditures.

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Prebuilt analytics for Oracle Cloud ERP

Gain general ledger insights

Identify underlying drivers of profitability

Gain a comprehensive view into an organization’s financial performance and better understand profitability, costs, and revenue by conducting historical trend and variance analyses using prebuilt metrics.

Optimize cash flow and working capital

Improve payables and receivables efficiency by closely examining the composition of working capital. Analyze performance and identify opportunities to improve the use of working capital with prebuilt or custom metrics based on user-defined benchmarks, without the assistance of data analysts, database admins, or IT.

Easily examine subledger details

Perform analyses beyond general ledger balances to examine journal details and subledger transactions to understand exceptions or anomalies.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Revenue
  • Operating expense
  • Net income
  • Payroll cost
  • Net working capital
  • Current and quick ratio

Improve collections and cash flow

Perform in-depth revenue analysis

Analyze and understand revenue trends over time using prebuilt revenue distribution calculations to visualize incoming revenue by product, customer, and other factors.

Improve days sales outstanding (DSO)

Quickly identify inefficiencies within the collections process with prebuilt views of customers with overdue receipts, delinquent accounts, and billing issues. Review adjustments, write-offs, and unapplied receipts using a unified view for faster reconciliation and cash collections.

Improve AR aging and turnover performance

Use prebuilt performance indicators to easily analyze aging receivables using historical trend data displayed by customer, GL account, GL balancing segments, and other factors to understand the impact on collections.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • AR outstanding
  • AR average days outstanding and overdue
  • AR aging
  • AR current due, overdue
  • AR average invoices amount
  • AR receipts
  • AR debit and credit memos amounts
  • AR distribution amount

Increased clarity into accounts payable

Improve payment performance

Easily track on-time and overdue vendor payment amounts with comprehensive dashboards to determine payment urgency. Visually analyze discounts received and lost via prebuilt performance indicators.

Improve days payable outstanding (DPO)

Visually prioritize upcoming AP invoices that are due within a specific time range or other predefined parameters, and easily customize views without IT intervention. Understand the root cause of invoice holds to help improve DPO.

Examine payment aging trends

Review AP aging buckets using historical trend analyses by vendor, GL account, GL balancing segments, and other factors. Extend and customize the prebuilt data pipelines, models and KPIs to tailor analytics to your organization.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • AP current due, overdue
  • AP average supplier payment days
  • AP turnover
  • AP aging
  • AP on time and overdue payments
  • AP discount taken and lost percentage
  • AP average days on hold
  • AP percentage interest penalties paid

Identify cost savings and mitigate financial risk

Full visibility into company spend

Quickly analyze organizational spend across different categories, including business unit, geography, and cost center with prebuilt, performance indicators across departments. Develop strategies to consolidate suppliers and negotiate better pricing terms using detailed insights into purchasing patterns.

Minimize non-compliant spend

Reduce off-contract spend and minimize agreement leakage with detailed insights into savings metrics, such as negotiated spend percentage and rogue spend by category type.

Align finance and procurement to optimize working capital

View finance and procurement metrics together to optimize working capital without complex data integration or help from IT. Optimize supplier payment timing by performing cost-benefit analysis to capture unrealized interest and/or early payment discounts.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Addressable spend
  • PO matched spend
  • Agreement leakage spend
  • Negotiated spend percentage
  • Average spend per invoice
  • Top ten suppliers
  • PO matched spend percentage
  • Maximum, minimum, average unit price

Monitor employee expenses with greater clarity

Identify fraud and noncompliance

Oracle ERP Analytics prebuilt data visualizations allow faster and easier identification of expense anomalies to quickly remediate fraudulent activity and policy violations and prevent future occurrences.

Ensure adherence to policy

Rapidly perform employee spending analysis by region, department, project, and other categories using prebuilt analytics. Improve expense report compliance by visually identifying audit exception trends and patterns of excessive spend using the application’s dashboards.

Track expense cycle time performance

Ensure timely reimbursements while maintaining audit integrity. Easily monitor expense cycle time performance metrics using dashboard “cards” that automatically display incoming expense report volume, filing and approval duration, audit adjustment metrics, and more.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Total and average expense amount
  • Credit card expense amount
  • Cash expense amount
  • Manual and automatic audit percentage
  • Expense approval cycle time
  • Expense filing cycle time
  • Cash expense reimbursement cycle time
  • Average days late

Improve end-to-end procurement and supplier performance

Uncover cost-saving opportunities

Use prebuilt analytics and data visualizations to track off-contract spend patterns, agreement leakage, and agreement utilization by historical trends, item, and suppliers to identify potential savings opportunities.

Enhance procure-to-pay efficiency

Monitor all elements of the procure-to-pay cycle against prebuilt or user-defined benchmarks to uncover operational bottlenecks. Easily analyze end-to-end finance and procurement data from requisitions to invoice and payments. Using Oracle’s prebuilt Fusion ERP Analytics to avoid delays and inaccuracies that can result from manual, complex data integration processes.

Minimize supplier risk

Analyze supplier performance against contractual benchmarks using multiple prebuilt metrics, such as on-time delivery, rejected, shipped, short-closed, and return rates. Quickly identify the root cause of poor supplier performance to minimize risk and disruptions to the business.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Agreement utilization
  • Contracts expiring
  • Items on agreement
  • Shared services amount
  • Requisition-to-receipt cycle time
  • Purchasing analysis by discounts, shipped, short closed, and more
  • Receipt analysis by delivery, rejected, returns, ASN, and more

Analyze the financial health of your project portfolio

Continuously monitor budget and forecast variances

Easily evaluate margins and identify at-risk projects by analyzing trends and variances at any given time through the project lifecycle with out-of-the box KPIs and metrics.

Improve controls over project costs and expenses

Uncover cost drivers by visually identifying variances across projects, tasks, and resources. See trends of burdened cost, raw cost, and burden cost including inception-to-date and year-to-date.

Get timely insights on project-driven revenue trends and billing

Visually explore revenue and billing trends across projects and customers with easy-to-use, self-service visualizations. Drill down to granular details to view accounted distributions by GL account and period to identify unaccounted transactions.

Gain an integrated view of projects with finance, HR, and supply chain

Get connected project insights with a single, analytical, extensible data model across Fusion Analytics that increases visibility of your project data, bridging departments. Quickly find correlations by analyzing timecards, sales orders, and inventory transactions with project attributes.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/dashboards
  • Project revenue
  • Project margin
  • Project cost
  • Project remaining current budget cost with commitments (PLC)
  • Project current forecast margin percent inception-to-date (ITD)
  • Project current EAC margin (PLC)
  • Project current budget margin (ITD) (PLC)

Accurately track fixed assets

Improve financial forecasts

Finance and operations leaders gain meaningful insights on asset health, asset mix, economic life by entity, category, and associated details.

Monitor your capital and operating assets

Users track prebuilt easy-to-understand KPIs, such as net book value, depreciation value, salvage value, and acquisition cost across all the asset categories and entities.

Optimize return on assets

Understand financial implications of asset life cycle: acquisition, depreciation, revaluation, impairment, and disposition.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Asset original life/average life
  • Lifespan remaining, lifespan reached
  • Asset retirement trends
  • Top assets by cost
  • Top assets approaching end of life
  • Current units, current cost, original cost
  • Net book value
  • Depreciation reserve

Unifying analytics across accounting data

Create system of insights for all accounting data

Intelligent data pipelines source data from Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, enabling automatic configuration of pipelines, data models, and analytics views.

Uncover operational and financial connections

Discover rich insights based on balances, journals, transaction attributes, and supporting references to address all analytical needs. Connect the dots from balances to subledger transaction details.

Attain cross-functional view of your business

Combine Accounting Hub data with Projects, General Ledger, Payables, and Receivables for 360-degree visibility. Easily combine data from third-party sources such as operational and digital systems with accounting data.

Advantages of prebuilt Fusion ERP Analytics

  Oracle Cloud ERP

With Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics:

With third-party tools:

Prebuilt capabilities
More than 2,000 ready-to-use, best practice KPIs, metrics, dashboards, and reports
not available
Native integration with Oracle Cloud ERP
not available
Fast performing, prebuilt analytics data model
not available
Rapid implementation—no coding required
not available
Incremental updates based on Oracle Cloud ERP releases
not available
Ready-to-use machine learning (ML) for specific business processes
not available
Single shared data model for Oracle Cloud Applications (ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX)
not available
Extensibility capabilities
Self-service tools for custom visualization and report creation
More than 50 native self-service connectors to diverse data sources
Machine learning and predictive analytics available to everyone
Insights from natural language processing


Incomplete offering

Not available
For the first time ever, we are benefiting from an analytics solution that can provide an easy-to-use and engaging experience for C-level executives.
Fahad Qazi, Vice President of Business Applications, Target Hospitality

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