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Oracle’s commitment to our customers and partners during the COVID-19 crisis

Now more than ever, it’s critical that we make it possible for you to continue your operations and help you respond to the unique demands that you may be facing. Oracle has been in business for decades doing the mission-critical work that keeps businesses and organizations around the world and across industries up and running. We want you to know that at this challenging time, you can count on us to support your business.

Oracle’s leadership team is meeting continuously to assess and appropriately respond to the pandemic as it evolves. Of course, everyone’s health and welfare are a priority, as most Oracle employees are working from home. We have extensive online collaboration capabilities to help ensure business continuity and we’re working tirelessly to help everyone stay safe while at the same time continuing to serve you.

Please reach out to your local Oracle team with any questions and concerns. See below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding our business continuity plans. We’ll maintain this page and update it regularly as conditions change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated June 2022

1. What is Oracle’s Business Continuity Plan?
Oracle maintains a robust business continuity management program aligned with ISO 22301 and reviewed on an annual basis. Individual lines of business across Oracle have specific plans based on the nature of impacts possible to our business operations. Oracle takes an impact-based approach to business continuity management by designing preparedness and response plans that address the availability of our workforce, workplaces, technologies, and critical interdependencies. Oracle’s employee population size and geographic diversification provide an inherent resiliency advantage. Finally, offices experiencing mandatory closures since January 28, 2020 have maintained essential business processes and customer support, resulting in no disruptions to customer services. This continues to be the case even during regional and variant-driven spikes.

2. Will my cloud services be impacted?
Oracle remains committed to meeting its service level agreements for our cloud services. We’ve designed our cloud services for maximum availability and resilience. We also have a robust capacity management process to ensure cloud service scalability. At this time, we do not expect any disruption to cloud service availability due to the COVID-19 virus.

3. Will there be delays in Oracle’s supply chain due to COVID-19?
Oracle is committed to upholding the terms and agreements set with your company. We maintain a multisourcing strategy for most of our products, and Oracle works continuously to avoid delays that impact customers. For products or components supplied predominantly from high-risk countries, we are expanding our alternate sourcing options to minimize potential future disruptions.

4. What impact is COVID-19 having on lead times for hardware?
If COVID-19 continues to intensify, lead times may further increase. Oracle is working diligently to minimize potential lengthening of lead times.

5. What impact, if any, will there be to receiving spare parts?
Oracle works within country and local government regulations and guidelines. Though inventory planning and stocking strategies remain in place, the access to spares within a specific location and the transportation of those spares inbound, within country, and outbound, may be impacted by local regulation.

6. Do you have any concerns regarding support or staffing for hardware replacements or installs for customers?
Oracle’s support engineer population depth and geographic diversity, as well as partnership with Oracle subcontractors and field delivery partners, provide inherent resilience to the continuity of our hardware support globally. Oracle works within country and local government regulations and guidelines. Where required via these regulations, Oracle works to get necessary internal and governmental travel authority to a customer location for critical onsite activity. Oracle will also work to gain assurance that any customer facility where we are asked to work is safe and healthy, complying with all applicable COVID-19-related measures in the country.

7. How can I get updates on COVID-19 from Oracle?
Oracle will advise you of any important service notifications via your standard account contacts and communication channels. If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, Oracle requests that they be channeled through your existing Account Management or Account Service teams that you use for all routine business communications. For global Customer Support information, click here.

8. What steps is Oracle taking to control the spread of Covid-19 within your employee software and hardware customer service organizations to assure service availability?
All Oracle employees not engaged in critical onsite office functions are working from home and instructed to follow public health guidelines for protecting themselves from exposure to Covid-19. Any employee experiencing flu-like symptoms is instructed to stay home, contact their manager and local Human Resources representative, and consult with their medical provider.

9. Given the travel and transit restrictions in many areas, how will Oracle provide onsite support to my facilities?

  • Hardware Support:
    Oracle’s global Remote Support organization will assist customers in replacing any Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU part) via phone and via a Service Request.

    Oracle staffs technical support engineers globally, with necessary skills located in numerous locations around the globe. This staffing model minimizes any impact to problem resolution. Oracle monitors global government regulations and guidelines and works with our partners to gain authorization (when needed) and deliver spare parts.
  • Advanced Customer Services Support:
    Oracle’s Advanced Customer Services (ACS) organization will continue to provide support via remote network access. Oracle depends on its customers to maintain secure network access to authorized Oracle employees for this purpose. At this time, onsite ACS software support is approved in exceptional cases only, where we can comply with local regulations and health guidelines.

10. How will Oracle move hardware from parts warehouses outside my country to my facility in the event of a breakdown?
Many national, regional, and local governments have recognized the necessity of maintaining the availability of critical infrastructure and essential goods and services. Oracle’s Government Affairs organization has been successful in working with some governments globally to recognize Oracle’s contribution to the maintenance of essential systems in critical infrastructure operations and to secure transit permits for personnel and products. We continue to pursue such permissions where opportunities allow. Finally, for our Oracle customers that are designated essential services or critical infrastructures, we appreciate any support that you can provide in advising your local jurisdiction of the need for possible service by Oracle and prearranging transit authorizations or assistance.

11. What is Oracle doing to protect my network from cybersecurity threats associated with your increased remote access activity?
Oracle employs intrusion detection systems within the intranet to provide continuous surveillance for intercepting and responding to security events as they’re identified.

Oracle utilizes a network-based monitoring approach to detect attacks on open firewalls ports within Oracle’s intranet. Events are analyzed using signature detection, which is a pattern-matching of environment settings and user activities against a database of known attacks. Signature databases are updated as soon as new releases become available for commercial distribution. Alerts are forwarded to Oracle’s Information Security team for review and response to potential threats.

System access controls include system authentication, authorization, access approval, provisioning, and revocation for employees and any other Oracle-defined ‘users’.

Please note: the customer is responsible for all end user administration within the application. We do not manage the customer’s end user accounts.

12. What steps is Oracle taking to be sure that technicians accessing my facilities for service will not introduce Covid-19 into my workplace?
All Oracle employees have been instructed to notify their manager and Human Resources if they begin experiencing flu-like symptoms and will not be available for field assignments. Technicians reporting to customer locations for service have been instructed to follow local public health guidelines.

13. What can my company do to assist Oracle in providing the services we need?
Where appropriate, Oracle relies on our customers to provide continuing remote network and physical facility access in support of our service to you. Providing access tokens and collaboration tools is essential. Your attention to this element will allow Oracle to service your needs without additional delay.

As some government regulations now require certification of service for essential businesses around the globe, Oracle and customer partnership in obtaining required authorization is of high value. Additionally, before requesting any Oracle onsite field engineer assistance, please ensure the request is mission critical and that a healthy and safe environment is assured for Oracle engineers, as well as your own.

14. Can my company receive spare parts on consignment as insurance against future unavailability?
Oracle offers the ability to stock spares onsite as a service option for critical spares. Your Account Manager can provide more information if you’re interested.

15. Can you provide my company with a list of support people who will be dedicated to service my account?
Oracle’s staffing strategy does not depend on a single group of support resources. In general, we staff in global locations and train across the portfolio to support a variety of coverage scenarios.

16. Have you identified key staff and critical vendors who could support my services and made contingency arrangements to maintain service?
Oracle’s business continuity plans include contingency planning for critical skills, resources, and personnel. Our Supply Chain Resiliency Program is designed to provide insight and close working relationships with Oracle’s critical vendors, providing additional insight into our supply chain continuity.

17. How does Oracle determine when to provide remote or on-site service for customers?
While we continue to focus on our customers’ ongoing satisfaction and success, the safety and well-being of both Oracle employees and customers is of paramount concern. As such, on-site visits by our employees to customer sites are limited to business critical situations that cannot be handled remotely. In circumstances where it is not possible to handle critical situations remotely, employees may be approved for on-site visits based on the severity of the issue, site location, and measures taken to comply with legal requirements and to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

Find out how our customers, partners, and employees are making an impact during this crisis.
Help fight COVID-19

Help fight COVID-19: Volunteer for a vaccine clinical trial today

Phase 3 of US clinical trials to evaluate vaccines has begun. Oracle is proud to support the NIH Coronavirus Prevention Network (CoVPN)—formed to respond to the global pandemic—and its goal of registering one million volunteers for large-scale testing of vaccines.

Free Financial Planning and Scenario Modeling

Oracle offers free Financial Planning and Scenario Modeling tools to help customers adapt to changing market conditions

In a post COVID-19 environment, scenario planning and strategic modeling have become essential to finance teams as they assess a wide array of possible outcomes, forecast revenues and liquidity, and make iterative short- and medium-term forecasts. And that’s why we’re providing free access to Oracle Financial Statement Planning, including Strategic Modeling, to all existing Oracle Planning Cloud customers for the next 12 months.

Free Online Learning and Certifications

Oracle ramps up free online learning and certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database

As our customers adapt to a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Oracle is stepping up its efforts to help build critical technical cloud skills they need to ramp up innovation. Oracle is offering free access to online learning content and certifications for a broad array of users for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database. Starting now, any user, including developers, technical professionals, architects, students, and professors, will have quick and easy access to more than 50 hours of online training and 6 certification exams.

Free HR Tool

Oracle offers free HR tool to help customers keep employees safe

As we continue to face increasing concerns about COVID-19, many organizations and HR professionals are facing new and unprecedented challenges. In an effort to help, we’re providing free access to our Workforce Health and Safety solution to current Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud customers. Our Workforce Health and Safety module helps automate reporting of workplace incidents both now and in the future, as we adapt to heightened health and safety concerns.

Free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Credits

Free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure credits—Oracle for Startups

Effective April 1, paying startups in the program will receive three months of credits to cover their Oracle Cloud infrastructure costs. From April 1 to June 30, 2020, credits will be automatically applied to offset those technology fees. Startups will still receive a usage bill, but their costs will be zero. Any startup that is rolling off of free credits to paying will automatically be given this assistance during the same timeframe.

Oracle Therapeutic Learning System

Oracle Therapeutic Learning System records effectiveness of COVID-19 drugs

Oracle has built and donated to the US government a COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System that allows physicians and patients to record the effectiveness of promising COVID-19 drug therapies. The Therapeutic Learning System was the result of a unique and important collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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