Patient engagement solutions that improve health outcomes

Deliver personalized experiences across digital marketing channels to interact with patients, helping them stay engaged with their health. Oracle offers digital experiences tailored for each patient, helping you to improve outcomes at the individual and community levels and create the kind of experiences that drive engagement.

The Future of Healthcare

Larry Ellison and guests share how Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner will transform healthcare delivery.

The healthcare benefits of digital patient engagement solutions

01Strengthen relationships, improve outcomes, and elevate community health initiatives

Interact with current patients and engage members of the broader community when, where, and how they prefer—whether that means email, SMS/MMS, or mobile notifications. Provide helpful tips and advice to help them stay healthy. Learn which outreach strategies are the most engaging so you can build trust with both new and existing patients.

02 Increase brand awareness

Promote new, innovative treatment options, publicize medical advances, and highlight specialty areas through orchestrated, omnichannel marketing campaigns. Highlight mission-related, philanthropic, and community initiatives. Grow your brand locally, nationally, or globally.

03Orchestrate campaigns for better engagement

Configure integrations to use data from your CRM, electronic medical record (EMR), or electronic health record (EHR) systems, and population health management systems to deliver relevant communications and community outreach. Use AI and machine learning to analyze trends and run highly targeted public health campaigns focused on education and prevention. Segment patient populations across broad geographic regions and deliver HIPAA-compliant email communications at scale.

04Grow trust and improve wellness through preventive care

Orchestrate wellness program campaigns that develop relationships, promote healthy behaviors, and encourage routine preventive care and highlight specific resources. Get the right messages to the right patients to strengthen relationships and build trust. Understand your communication history with patients and tailor future outreach to specific audiences. Offer medication adherence programs across channels to increase the availability of care, enhance patient experiences, and improve patient health.

Oracle CX for Healthcare patient engagement features

Promote preventive care with proactive outreach programs

Improve outcomes for patients and the broader community by reaching out to encourage preventive care. Make it easier for patients to access well care early and motivate them to put their health first.

Provide patients with relevant, timely resources

Get the right health information to the right people at the right time. Offer personalized articles, content, and communications about care options, health services, preventive care, and more.

Activate data using advanced intelligence to engage patients

Use AI-enabled capabilities to tailor communications to every individual—whether that means understanding when to reach out, how often to reach out, and what to say. Engage every current and prospective patient in the moments that matter.

Understand your patients’ needs while keeping their data secure

Leverage a HIPAA-compliant solution to securely consolidate and segment patient outreach data. Customize campaigns for different groups of patients and community members so they resonate.

Let your marketers work efficiently—without IT support

Automate repetitive marketing tasks and launch campaigns quickly, easily, and at scale—all without IT. Manage data, segment patients, and launch campaigns with an easy drag-and-drop tool. More effectively allocate marketing spend and resources to the initiatives that need it.

Improve loyalty across the entire patient care journey

Earn patients’ loyalty by understanding their needs and supporting them with the right information across different life stages. Build trust with each individual as their health concerns change from adolescence and early adulthood through middle and old age.

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