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September 2020
Introduction to MySQL Database Service
The World’s #1 Open Source Database in Oracle Cloud
MySQL Database Service delivers a secure, cost-effective, and enterprise-grade database service with all the essential features to help you rapidly pioneer innovative applications.

Watch our introductory video!
Introduction to MySQL Database Service
The MySQL team is thrilled to introduce the MySQL Database Service in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the only service 100% developed, managed, and supported by the MySQL Team!
  • 100% Developed and Managed by the MySQL Team
  • 100% Supported by the MySQL Team
  • 100% Compatibility with On-Premises MySQL Deployments
  • 100% Built on MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • Built on Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure with Improved Security
  • The most affordable database service among the major cloud providers
Learn more about features and benefits of MDS on our blog.
Ready to take MySQL Database Service for a Spin?
The MySQL Database Service is ready to race. Get $300 free credits and test drive MySQL Database Service free for 30 days. Take it for a spin today!
MySQL Database Service Webinar Series
This month, we have scheduled a series of several live webinars about MySQL Database Service. Our webinars will cover a full introduction to the new service.

Click here for the full list of MySQL Database Service webinars.
Upcoming LIVE Webinars
Check all the webinars at: MySQL LIVE Webinars

MySQL Database Service

Introduction to Oracle MySQL Database Service
Wed, Sep 09: 09:00 Pacific time (America)

Top Reasons to Use Oracle MySQL Database Service
Thu, Sep 10: 09:00 Pacific time (America)

Migrating from on-premises to MySQL Database Service
Mon, Sep 14: 09:00 Pacific time (America)

Migrating from Amazon RDS to Oracle MySQL Database Service
Tue, Sep 15: 09:00 Pacific time (America)

Upcoming LIVE Webinars of MySQL

Upgrade a MySQL 8 (in Spanish)
Wed, Sep 16: 11:00 Central European time

Upgrade to MySQL 8
Thu, Sep 24: 10:00 Western European time

Upgrade zu MySQL 8 (in German)
Tue, Sep 29: 10:00 Central European time

Migrer vers MySQL 8.0 (in French)
Wed, Sep 30: 11:00 Central European time
Customer Reference
BSE is the world's fastest and Asia's number one stock exchange. It trades in equity, currencies, debt instruments, derivatives, and mutual funds. BSE Star MF, India's largest online mutual fund platform, processes over 2.7 million transactions per month.
"We wanted a leaner, meaner, faster system and MySQL Enterprise Edition allowed us to jump from millisecond to microsecond-level performance, setting a new benchmark in India for high speed trading, with huge gains in reliability, stability, and scalability backed by first class support."
V. Arvindkumar Iyengar,
Senior GM IT Software Development,
BSE Limited
Introducing the MySQL Database Service
By Airton Lastori

MySQL Database Service - Webinar Series
By Michel Gerin

Migrate from on premise MySQL to MySQL Database Service
By Frederic Descamps

MySQL Shell Dump & Load part 1: Demo!
By Kenny Gryp, MySQL Server Team

MySQL Shell Dump & Load part 2: Benchmarks
By Kenny Gryp, MySQL Server Team

MySQL Shell Dump & Load part 3: Load Dump
By Alfredo Kojima, MySQL Server Team

MySQL Shell Dump & Load part 4: Dump Instance & Schemas
By Paweł Andruszkiewicz, MySQL Server Team

More Robust Network Partition Handling in Group Replication
By Tiago J. , MySQL High Availability Team

MySQL Shell and storing passwords
By Frederic Descamps

From MySQL Group Replication to MySQL InnoDB Cluster
By Frederic Descamps

MySQL: who’s filling my error log?
By Frederic Descamps

MySQL Performance : Understanding InnoDB IO Internals & "Checkpointing"
By Dimitri Kravchuk

Three Bad MySQL Query Types You May Be Writing
By Dave Stokes

InnoDB Data Locking – Part 1 “Introduction”
By Kuba Łopuszański, MySQL Server Team

Highlight: On-demand Webinar MySQL8.0
MySQL 8.0 has been a landmark release as MySQL eventually evolved beyond SQL-92 and the purely relational dogma.

Tune in to Dmitriy's webcast to find out all the updates on MySQL 8.0!
Demoing Oracle MySQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
A key part of database security is ensuring that we encrypt data at all levels required.
Here we will be looking into MySQL Keyring, also known as Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), and walking through an example.
Training and Certification
MySQL Database Administration Training and Certification
Gain in demand skills to scale database applications and integrate your business.

MySQL Developer Training and Certification
Learn the ins and outs of data design, querying and programming from expert Oracle University instructors.

MySQL Learning Subscription
Includes everything you need to get the most from your MySQL installations.

Get certified! 
MySQL certification exams are now available online:
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New Release: MySQL Community Server 8.0.21 (GA)
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