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November 2020
MySQL 8.0.22 Maintenance Release is Generally Available
New Release: MySQL 8.0.22 - Top Blog Posts
MySQL 8.0.22 introduces many new improvements and updates, many of which deserve their own blog post for a deep dive into the new features. Among the notable changes are: Prepared Statements, SHOW PROCESSLIST, TIMESTAMP, Read Only Schema, Error Log, User Management, Optimizer, Replication, Keyring, Router, and more.
Here are the MySQL 8.0.22 top blog posts:
MySQL Product Releases
MySQL Community Server 8.0.22
MySQL Community Server 5.7.32
MySQL Community Server 5.6.50

MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.22
MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.22
MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.22
MySQL Connector/J 8.0.22
MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0.22
MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0.22

MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.22
MySQL Shell 8.0.22 for MySQL Server 8.0 and 5.7
MySQL Router 8.0.22 for MySQL Server 8.0 and 5.7
MySQL Workbench 8.0.22

MySQL Cluster 8.0.22
MySQL Cluster 7.6.16
MySQL Cluster 7.5.20
MySQL Cluster 7.4.30
MySQL Cluster 7.3.31
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Customer Highlights
Etraveli, a leading e-commerce travel group, serves 12 million customers per year. Etraveli chose MySQL Enterprise Edition to improve database stability and uptime, streamline backup and restore, and better monitor the health of the database underpinning its critical applications.
Certigna is a trust service provider (TSP) that issues cybersecurity certificates to entities seeking website authentication, encryption, electronic signature, and electronic timestamp solutions. Certigna has chosen to upgrade from MySQL Community Edition to MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition for higher availability architecture with lower administrative overhead and for professional support.
New Release: MySQL 8.0.22 - Top Blog Posts
By Michel Gerin

The MySQL 8.0.22 Maintenance Release is Generally Available

By Geir Hoydalsvik

MySQL announces integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault
By Mike Frank

MySQL Workbench 8.0.22 has been released
By MySQL Release Team

Announcing MySQL Server 8.0.22, 5.7.32 and 5.6.50
By MySQL Release Engineering Team

Announcing MySQL Cluster 8.0.22, 7.6.16, 7.5.20, 7.4.30, and 7.3.31
By MySQL Release Engineering Team

MySQL 8.0.22: thank you for the contributions
By Frederic Descamps

MySQL 8.0.22 Replication Enhancements
By Luis Soares

What’s New in MySQL Shell 8.0.22
By Alfredo Kojima
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