Engineering and construction companies rely on Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Engineering and construction companies have had to react quickly over the past few years. As they continue to face labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, rising material costs, and shrinking profit margins, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications are giving them the ability to pivot and innovate so they can stay competitive.

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Why engineering and construction companies are turning to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

01Accelerating billing and revenue business models

Use flexible billing and revenue models to maximize your return on investment and adjust quickly to changing client requirements.

02Attracting and retaining next-gen talent

Find, engage, and develop employees and subcontractors via award-winning digital user experiences that help increase employee effectiveness.

03Intelligent asset management

Streamline asset management processes with built-in business flows for capital asset creation, cost capture, allocation, and capitalization, as well as asset adjustment and retirement processing.

04Sustainable supply chain management

Respond quickly to changing demand, supply, and market conditions, and optimize material and subcontractor management while having confidence in your environmental, social, and governance reporting.

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"With Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, we can track the profitability of individual projects and manage costs across the company, constantly comparing the budget versus the actual spend for each activity."

—President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director, EEI

Engineering and construction companies are gaining agility with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Drive growth and innovate faster in times of disruption. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications help engineering and construction companies accelerate their digital transformation with the most complete, innovative, and cost-efficient suite of cloud solutions.

Financial management

Have a complete view of your financial position and results across accounting, planning, consolidation, and reporting.

Project financials and controls

Gain complete control over all project aspects, including resources, budgets, costs, and forecasts.

Workforce management

Drive employee engagement, union and non-union payroll accuracy, and compliance.

Right people and skills

Find the exact resources you need for your project by filtering across roles, skills, and location.

Supply chain management

Strategically procure materials, supplies, services, and subcontractors, and connect your supply chain to create a resilient network.

Modular construction

Use product lifecycle management for prefabricating, installing, and building to ensure a controlled, sequential environment that reduces jobsite complexities to a minimum.

Asset service and maintenance

Manage capital assets and calculate accumulated costs for your organization’s fixed assets to be built, installed, or acquired.

Customer experience management

Win more business by optimizing every client engagement using a comprehensive set of capabilities that help bolster relationships.

“By implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, we streamlined our business processes in three months while also reducing costs and increasing our efficiency and productivity.”

Head of IT, MAG Property Development

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