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News and Opinion

Adoption Picking Up for AI in Cybersecurity; More Skilled Humans Needed Too


As AI is more widely adopted in cybersecurity, IT security professionals see the tool as an opportunity to aid humans, not replace them. A recent AI Trends article highlights research results from "The Oracle KPMG Cloud Threat Report" and other studies.

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Ellison Institute Uses AI to Accelerate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment


Thanks in part to the groundbreaking research conducted at the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC, the introduction of artificial intelligence into cancer research and treatment has the potential to revolutionize oncology fields.

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Depending Only on Humans for Cyber Security is No Longer Enough, Says Oracle-KPMG Report


Greg Jensen, senior principal director of security at Oracle, discusses how companies are keeping track of different threat vectors and monitoring an expanding threat surface with an AI and machine-learning-led approach.

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Podcast: Beyond Chatbots—The Future of AI-Enabled User Experience, with Suhas Uliyar of Oracle


Suhas Uliyar, VP, Bots, AI, and Mobile Product Management at Oracle, discusses key areas of user experience change, and how AI is helping (or could help) to usher in that transformation.

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Podcast: What Makes an AI Product Successful in the Enterprise? With Suhas Uliyar of Oracle


Suhas Uliyar, VP, Bots, AI, and Mobile Product Management at Oracle, discusses why security and scale are key to building AI products that will actually deliver value at large companies.

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How Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Big Data Can Save the Bees


Working with the World Bee Project Hive Network, Oracle Cloud, utilizing emerging technology, is being leveraged to better understand the worldwide decline in the bee population.

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CFO Mandate: Move from Reporting to Explaining and Predicting


According to a recent global study, companies that use AI, IoT, blockchain, and other emerging technologies to enhance their finance and supply chain operations reap substantial returns from their investments.

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How AI Can Take the Drudgery Out of Tuning Machine Learning Models


Many companies are applying machine learning (ML) techniques on large amounts of data only to quickly discover that there isn’t a “one strategy fits all” approach. AutoML takes on the often labor-intensive job of choosing and tuning machine-learning models, reducing the need to understand algorithm parameters and shortening the compute time needed to produce better models.

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How AI Is Going to Augment Work: Oracle's Gretchen Alarcon


Oracle Group VP of Human Capital Management Strategy Gretchen Alarcon sits down with People Matters to discuss the evolving role of AI at work, and the changing role of HR in the face of emerging technologies.

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AI Is Helping Businesses Grow Faster Than Ever Before


According to a new report by Enterprise Strategy Group and Oracle, AI is helping businesses grow their profits faster—up to 80 percent—and separate themselves from the competition.

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The Start of Something New


Emily He, senior vice president of Oracle HCM Cloud, discusses the technological innovations and generational demands that are set to transform the workplace in 2020, including the continued growth of AI in the workplace.

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Oracle and UAE Higher Colleges of Technology to Train Students in AI and Emerging Technologies


The United Arab Emirates Higher Colleges of Technology partnered with Oracle to educate and train its students in artificial intelligence and emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

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Why Workplace AI Needs a Human Touch


A new study by Oracle and Future Workplace found that half of workers use some form of AI in the workplace, up from 32 percent last year, with the trend expected to continue.

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Are You Ready for a Robot Boss? Many Workers Say that Yes, They Are


A recent global survey by Oracle and Future Workplace found that 64 percent of respondents said they didn't just embrace AI—they would actually trust it more than their manager.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Rapidly Changing Management Roles


This article highlights several studies on AI in the workplace, including a 2019 study by Oracle and Future Workplace, which showed that the highest proportion of respondents who believe that robots will replace their managers were in India with 90 percent.

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Drones and Artificial Intelligence Help Combat the San Francisco Bay's Trash Problem


The San Francisco Estuary Institute and its sister organization the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AI, and camera-equipped drones to develop a trash-monitoring playbook that community cleanup groups, ecologists, and environmental agencies can learn from and put to use.

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How Oracle Digital Assistant Is Smarter than Amazon Alexa


According to Suhas Uliyar, vice president of product management, Oracle Digital Assistant and Integration Cloud, the Oracle Digital Assistant platform offers users a robust platform and tools to easily build AI-powered assistants that connect to backend applications—outperforming Alexa on many queries.

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AI Stats News: 64% of Workers Trust a Robot More Than Their Manager


Recent surveys, including one from Oracle, emphasize workers' positive attitudes toward AI and robots, challenges in implementing enterprise AI, the perceived benefits of AI in financial services, and the impact of AI on business.

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AI and CRM: Will Customer Management Get Easier?


AI platforms, such as Oracle Digital Assistant, are helping sales teams keep data clean, centralized, and easy to find, making their customer searches fast and accurate.

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Workers More Likely to Trust AI over Their Managers, Says Survey


When it comes to providing unbiased advice, a study by Oracle and Future Workplace found that 64 percent of people are more likely to trust a robot over their manager.

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If You Struggle With AI in Finance, Then Read This


Emma Hitzke, senior product marketing director of Oracle Business Cloud, shares how AI can help the Finance office run more smoothly, decrease compliance and security.

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Now Is the Time for Sales Organizations to Embrace AI


Kayleigh Halko, senior manager of CX product strategy at Oracle, discusses why sales organizations are the perfect proving ground to implement AI and demonstrate immediate impact.

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Best Way to Realize AI Benefits: Don't Shoot for the Moon


Businesses will reap more success from artificial intelligence projects by setting short-term, achievable goals instead of pursuing extremely ambitious ones.

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Oracle Places Its Bets on the Rise of Digital Assistants in the Workplace


Oracle unveiled new AI voice commands to its digital assistant—along with new integrations with Microsoft—to support the growing demand for virtual assistants in the workforce.

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Executive Interview: Speed Is Cloud Apps Benefit, Says Oracle's Steve Miranda


In a Q&A with ComputerWeekly, Oracle EVP Steve Miranda discusses Oracle's approach to cloud applications, digital assistants, and machine learning.

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Microsoft Teams Now Supports Oracle Digital Assistant


At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle announced that its digital assistant is now available in Microsoft Teams, providing customers with the ability to interact via voice commands, enterprise-grade security for voice recordings, and the ability to respond to more-complex voice commands.

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Reskilling Your Employees for Their AI Promotion


Emily He, senior vice president of Oracle HCM Cloud, shares her thoughts on reskilling employees for their AI promotion and creating a more meaningful workplace.

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Oracle Analytics: Breaking the "Glass Ceiling" of Data Science


Bruno Aziza, group vice president of Oracle Analytics, participates in a podcast interview with CloudWars on how Oracle Analytics and AI can empower organizations to make faster and better decisions.

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Oracle's Machine Learning Strategy


ZDNet highlights Oracle's machine learning strategy in a feature story that sheds light on what the author calls "Oracle's best-kept secret".

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This Chatbot Gets Thank-You Notes


UK-based delivery firm Hermes recently deployed chatbot technology dubbed "Holly" from Oracle to improve the customer experience, resulting in significant savings in 2019 that will rise into the millions in the next few years and more than pay off the technology investment.

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The CyberWire Daily Podcast


CyberWire sits down with Oracle's Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president of operating systems and virtualization engineering, to discuss security in the age of artificial intelligence.

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AI at Work: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?


In a recent Forbes interview, Emily He, senior vice president of marketing for Oracle Human Capital Management, discusses what an artificially intelligence at work looks like now and what it might look like in the future.

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Oracle Updates Exadata with AI and Machine Learning Capabilities


Oracle leverages emerging technologies to update its Exadata Database Machine X8 server line with hardware and software enhancements, including such ML-driven capabilities as automatic indexing, which allows the system to learn continuously and tune the database as usage patterns change.

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A Deep Dive into Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps


Melissa Boxer, vice president of Fusion Adaptive Intelligence at Oracle, provides details on how Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications can help alleviate today’s (and tomorrow’s) more routine and tedious ERP and supply chain tasks for employees.

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How AI Is Making the Employee Experience Better Than Ever


Emily He, senior vice president of marketing of Oracle Human Capital Management, discusses why organizations have begun to mirror the technology that we use at home with the technology we use at work. According to He, "people want to use a conversational style to engage with their application."

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Why AI Is the Future of Project Management, and How to Realize the Benefits Now


With solutions like Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud, project managers can shift their attention to strategy so the business can realize greater value from today’s projects and begin to prepare for what will be expected of their role in an AI-driven future.

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Huge Volume of IoT Data Managed via AI Creates Real Value, Says Oracle VP


In an interview with technology influencer Ronald van Loon, John Barcus, vice president of manufacturing industries at Oracle, discusses how technologies such as AI and blockchain are now helping companies manage huge volumes of IoT data.

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FICO Takes Its Analytics Expertise Far Beyond Credit Scores


FICO is leveraging artificial and machine learning to go beyond providing credit scores to offer fraud detection and real-time payment stream solutions to its customers.

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Can Machine Learning and AI Head Off Strokes and Other Chronic Diseases?


Michael Walker, global lead for healthcare in Oracle’s Industry Solutions Group, discusses how machine learning and artificial intelligence are being applied in healthcare to help reduce strokes and heart attacks by analyzing patient data to spot trends and make predictions, among other use cases.

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Empowering the Factory Floor with AI


Surya Kommareddy, director of product marketing at Oracle Empowering the Factory Floor with AI, discusses the evolution of AI—including how it’s being developed to change the very nature of production automation—and the definition of a factory of the future.

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The Advantages of Rehumanizing HR with Artificial Intelligence


A recent study by Oracle found that 93% of employees are ready to take orders from a robot and more than a third of them believe that AI will enable better customer and staff experiences.

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Oracle Adds More AI Features to Its Suite of Sales Tools


Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president of Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, says that the company has found ways to increase efficiency in the sales and marketing process by using artificial intelligence to speed up previously manual workflows.

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AI has Become Table Stakes in Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing Software


With artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming increasingly essential if you are selling sales, customer service, and marketing software, Oracle recently announced several new AI features to complement its sales tools suite.

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How to Move from Experimentation to Building Production Machine Learning Applications


Learn how to start a successful production machine learning (ML) operational lifecycle by moving from a promising ML experiment to a minimum viable product of the same algorithm in a production service.

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Middle East Businesses to Reap Benefits by Embedding AI into Apps


Steve Daheb, senior vice president for Oracle Cloud, discusses how autonomous innovations, backed by machine learning and AI, are transforming the way we work.

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AI and HR: A Match Made in Many Companies


Although the function has seldom been known for its rapid adoption of new technology, a recent survey conducted by Oracle suggests that HR is employing not just analytics—but also AI—in significant numbers.

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FICO Exec Says Artificial Intelligence Requires a New Type of Cloud


For more than 30 years, FICO has used technology to protect consumers. Originally leveraging an on-premises service, FICO’s DMP Streaming Service will now run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This will help retailers and supply chain operators better engage with their customers through the innovative use of streaming analytics and enhanced personalization.

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AI'€™s Cost Savings Promise Hampered by Lack of Skills


The Wall Street Journal covers a recent report released by the AICPA and Oracle, which cites that just 10% of senior finance leaders said their teams have the skills to support the company's overall digital ambitions.

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Study: 89 Percent of Finance Teams Yet to Embrace Artificial Intelligence


Finance teams lack the digital skill set to navigate the latest advancements in AI, which can negatively impact revenue growth, according to a new study from the AICPA and Oracle.

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Finance Teams Failing to Harness AI Potential


A report from Oracle estimates that the vast majority of businesses aren’t utilizing artificial intelligence in their work, despite a clear link between the use of technology and revenue growth.

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Podcast: Learn How Emerging Technologies Like Chatbots and AI Are Revolutionizing Recruiting and HR


Oracle’s Emily He, senior vice president of the HCM Cloud Business Group, and Jon Huang, Oracle senior director of product management, discuss how digital technologies are transforming workforce engagement and helping HR better serve candidates, employees, and partners alike.

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Ten HR Trends in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


As employees depend on the insights of AI to do their jobs, using solutions like Oracle HCM Cloud to develop an AI-ready workforce will provide a distinct competitive advantage.

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Oracle's DataFox Acquisition Signals Bold Step Into AI


With machine learning and the efficient use of AI considered critical to the future successful development of CRM, Oracle’s DataFox acquisition in October 2018 will provide Oracle customers with a cloud-based AI system, along with a range of applications, that have already been developed around its technology.

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AI in Academia: Much Potential, Much Resistance


Nicole Engelbert, Oracle vice president of higher education development, provides an assessment of the role of AI in academia including why many faculty members and administrators continue to debate the appropriate role of artificial intelligence in academia.

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20 More AI Predictions For 2019


Melissa Boxer, vice president of Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications, discusses her predictions for AI in 2019, including seeing more companies invest in third-party data sources and smart data to optimize outputs.

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Workplace AI: Emerging Technologies, Ethical Questions


CIO's website featured commentary from Oracle AI Applications on the ethical implications of incorporating AI and other emerging technologies into the workplace.

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Five Practical Considerations for AI Adoption in the Enterprise


When considering AI adoption in the enterprise, Melissa Boxer, vice president of Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications, gives her advice for making the transition.

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Oracle-DataFox Acquisition Could Expand Users' AI Options


Oracle acquired CRM software company DataFox to enhance its AI-powered capabilities, expand available data sources for its business intelligence software, and widen users' AI options.

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How Oracle's New AI Assistant Is Speeding Up Retail Operations


Retail organizations can now apply conversational AI technology to all stages of their business using Oracle Digital Assistant.

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Why Your Data Should be Priority One as You Build Your Cloud Computing Plan


Oracle's Kyle York, vice president of product management, discusses why companies must consider their infrastructure priorities and the importance of data management capabilities when choosing a cloud vendor.

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Oracle's New AI-Driven Platform Is the Tesla of Databases, Says Cloud Exec


Find out how the new AI-driven Oracle Autonomous Database, dubbed the Tesla of databases, is enabling the future of data management as the first and only self-driving database.

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Next Generation Cloud SaaS Applications Running on Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Platform and Machine Learning (1:38)


Next-generation voice user interface, powerful analytics, and machine learning extending the industry’s broadest, deepest and fastest growing suite of cloud applications.

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Oracle Buys DataFox


A leading AI data engine, DataFox, will provide Oracle Cloud Applications with dynamic and insightful company-level data to power even smarter decisions and better business outcomes.

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Oracle Puts AI Center Stage at Oracle OpenWorld


Oracle is infusing machine learning into its offerings to improve payment processing, expense accounting, and hiring. Oracle also has launched subscription management services for its customers' customers.

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Emerging Technologies Are Changing the Retail Shopping Experience


With shopping from mobile devices now considered an industry standard, learn how Oracle??????s investments in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are giving retailers the ability to go above and beyond to create the personalized, connected experiences customers expect today.

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Press Release: Oracle Lauded for Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning Solution


Oracle Data Science Platform was recognized as a leader in notebook-based predictive analytics and machine learning by this independent report.

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Blog: Striking Gold with Data Science: How to Ensure It's More Than a Flash in a Pan


Oracle Vice President of Data Science Mike Schumacher advises fellow data professionals not to lose sight of the deeper business value that data science holds as they pursue quick wins.

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Blog: Introducing GraphPipe: Dead Simple Machine Learning Model Serving


Oracle has open sourced GraphPipe, a tool that simplifies enterprise machine learning by breaking down three barriers teams face when deploying models built with popular frameworks.

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Blog: The Chief Data Officer's Role in Enterprise AI Readiness


Artificial Intelligence strategy advisor Roman Ferrando explores the culture change that must occur before an organization implements AI, and touches on the pivotal role of the chief data officer.

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Blog: Bridging the Gap Between the Data Scientist and the Executive

07/30/18 Director of Data Science Scott Murdoch shares his tips on how data scientists can most effectively communicate with executives.

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Forbes OracleVoice: Driven by 'Social AI,' Service Robots Prep for More Close-Ups with Humans


More than 30 robots from a startup called FutureRobot were on hand at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea to answer visitors’ questions in Korean, Chinese, English, or Japanese.

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Forbes OracleVoice: When Computers Learn About Humans


As anyone who’s had to navigate a customer service phone system knows, automation doesn’t always result in the best customer experience.

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Blog: How to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Initiatives with Agile Development


Data science teams want to accelerate delivery and reduce the risk of artificial intelligence projects, but the traditional approach to AI development is hindering their success. Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates explains how agile development processes can help.

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Blog: Building a Chatbot to Handle Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


"What are your opening times?" "Can I overpay on my mortgage?" "Do you serve gluten-free pizzas?" The FAQs (or Q&As) often already exist if you know where to find them. So why not bring them into your bot?

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Wall Street Journal Article: Emerging Technologies Making Healthcare More Effective, Affordable


While Dr. Consulta’s Oracle Cloud financial and supply chain applications help keep costs down, its cloud-based analytics application, embedded with artificial intelligence, correlates clinical data, such as new drug therapies, with patient health conditions and treatment results.

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Wall Street Journal Article: Yamaha Motor Opens the Throttle on Innovation and Its ‘Connected Vehicle’ Strategy


Yamaha is making a big statement with the 2018 model of its dirt competition race bike, the YZ450F, which packs what one trade press reviewer called "the most innovative technology available to the consumer to date."

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Blog: Why Oracle Thinks Autonomous IT Can Ultimately Win the Cloud War


Oracle has arguably the widest and deepest portfolio of products across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, and it’s now beginning to embed AI and machine learning throughout.

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Blog: How Data Science Can Improve Business Efficiency


Clearlink Head of Data Science Landon Starr shares how data science can increase business efficiency

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Blog: Emerging Tech Helps Progressive Companies Deliver Exceptional CX


Organizations that provide effective, well-integrated CX across the entire customer journey achieved compound annual growth rates of 17 percent, versus the 3 percent growth rates logged by their peers who provided less effective customer experiences, according to Forrester’s 2017 Customer Experience Index.

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Press Release: Oracle Buys


Oracle adds leading data science platform to its Oracle Cloud, enabling customers to fully utilize machine learning.

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Press Release: Oracle Enables Smart Manufacturing with New Artificial Intelligence Cloud Applications


Intelligent applications help improve overall business performance in manufacturing by driving smarter decisions, increasing yields, and enhancing production efficiency.

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Blog: Transform Your Growing Business with Emerging Technologies


Small- and medium-size businesses that want a practical path to AI adoption have been turning to platform as a service (PaaS).

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