Oracle SCM Solutions—Supply and Distribution Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Focus on customers and grow your revenue. Make better, faster planning decisions. Align plans with operations to achieve results.

Supply and Distribution Planning

Oracle supply and distribution planning solutions align supply to demand and enable an efficient response to unexpected supply chain problems.

Supply Planning Cloud

Supply Planning Cloud

Supply planners typically spend half their time crafting plans that satisfy the most customers, maximize the use of resources, and leverage the best sources for materials and components. They then spend the other half improvising solutions when things change. With simpler, faster and better tools to bridge the gap between strategic optimization and tactical firefighting, Oracle Supply Planning Cloud:

  • Accounts for lead times, shipping/receiving calendars, and capacity constraints across your extended supply chain, so you know when you can realistically meet demand.
  • Enables global, iterative plans that detect issues and intelligently cancel, reschedule and reroute global supply in near real time when needed.
  • Simulates supply scenarios rapidly, collaborating online to prevent future disruptions.
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Planning Cloud (PDF)
Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Make better decisions faster—around-the-clock—with a planning model that controls your entire supply chain.

  • Evolve from MRP to modern, highly configurable integrated material and capacity planning
  • Model the complexities of your supply chain to make better decisions
  • Reduce planning cycle time with automation and optimization
  • Increase planner productivity with robust exception management and root cause analysis
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Advanced Supply Chain Planning (PDF)
Rapid Planning

Rapid Planning

Quickly respond to unexpected events with fast and accurate interactive planning.

  • Perform fast, incremental demand/supply planning driven by real-time events
  • Gain predictive and actionable insight using specialized embedded analytics
  • Translate decisions into action with out-of-the box integration to execution systems
  • Increase planner productivity with a modern spreadsheet interface
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Rapid Planning (PDF)
Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling

Maximize shop floor throughput while optimizing resource investment.

  • Quickly determine the best production schedule while simultaneously considering capacity and due dates
  • Maximize throughput of bottleneck resources
  • Improve shop floor performance by minimizing setups and reducing downtime
  • Quickly identify and solve problems with Gantt charts and advanced graphical analytics
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Production Scheduling (PDF)
Order Promising

Order Promising

Make quick and accurate delivery promises your customers can rely on.

  • Make accurate and reliable promises by accurately modeling supply chain constraints
  • Maximize profits by allocating supply to key customers and channels
  • Support all promise modes with Available to Promise, Capable to Promise, and Capable to Deliver
  • Respond to changing conditions with comprehensive backlog management
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Global Order Promising (PDF)
Optimize Inventory

Optimize Inventory

Determine an inventory strategy that balances revenue, cost, and customer service levels with inventory budgets.

  • Calculate where to hold inventory to guarantee a desired service level at minimum cost
  • Use inventory to mitigate supply chain risk by managing supply chain variability
  • Maximize profits by analyzing channels, products, and customers
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Inventory Optimization (PDF)
Service Parts Planning

Service Parts Planning

Manage complex after-service supply chains, while improving part availability and customer satisfaction.

  • Simultaneously forecast, replenish, and redistribute your service parts
  • Improve forecasts by accounting for intermittent, seasonal, and fast moving service supply chain demand patterns
  • Optimize the replenishment and redistribution of parts across the extended service network
  • Quickly understand the health of your service supply chain with integrated analytics
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Service Parts Planning (PDF)
Asset Intensive Planning

Asset Intensive Planning

Optimize asset utilization and improve your return on assets.

  • Improve asset utilization and lifespan
  • Increase return on assets
  • Reduce asset spare parts inventory
  • Integrate maintenance and operational planning processes for better coordination
  • Enhance maintenance throughput to reduce costs and increase uptime
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Asset Intensive Planning (PDF)

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