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Build an AI-Powered Enterprise with Oracle

Ready to Go: Leverage AI in Oracle Cloud Applications

Regardless of your role, Oracle AI apps help businesses work, operate, and engage smarter with their partners, suppliers, customers, and employees. These applications automate routine tasks and provide strategic business insights for better decision-making and improved results.

Ready to Build: Data and AI Services to Develop Custom AI Applications

Oracle Cloud offers fully integrated services for every step of the AI development lifecycle, from data integration and management to data science to application development. Quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models into custom applications using the best of open source while leveraging Oracle’s high-performance cloud infrastructure, built for deep learning and AI workloads.

Ready to Work: Machine Learning Embedded in Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle is embedding machine learning within various platform and infrastructure services to deliver innovative capabilities and help you realize better performance, lower costs, and improve security. Oracle Autonomous Database uses machine learning to automate database management, monitoring, and tuning. Oracle Analytics Cloud features automated data enrichment and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides machine-learning–powered security.

Conversational AI for Your Business

Chatbots—like Alexa and Siri—are commonplace with consumers, and are quickly gaining traction as productive interfaces for enterprise applications. Oracle Digital Assistant helps you build assistant skills that extend enterprise applications (HCM, ERP, CRM, etc.) to deliver conversational, AI-powered experiences that support popular text and voice interfaces such as Alexa, Siri, Facebook Messenger, Slack ,and Microsoft Teams.

Oracle DataFox

Oracle DataFox is a leading AI data engine that continuously extracts company-level data and signals to elevate business performance across the enterprise. With access to the most modern, AI-sourced dataset, you can confidently power your applications with trusted data for more intelligent and optimized outcomes.

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