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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Software

Exceptional Performance, Flexibility, and Value

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance software enables you to run applications and database faster while supporting more users, applications, and VMs per storage system.

Enterprises can unify file, block, and object storage and utilize power enterprise data services and Oracle Database optimizations to increase storage efficiency, reduce management, and lower TCO.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance software screenshot

ZFS Storage Appliance Software

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cut storage consumption by 3x or more with built-in compression and deduplication
  • Unique Hybrid Columnar Compression reduces Oracle Database storage by more than 75 percent compared to non-Oracle storage systems
  • Reduce Oracle Database storage management by up to 90 percent with unique automated setup and tuning
  • Accelerate latency sensitive Oracle Database IOs by up to 13x with unique Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol
  • Simplify storage performance analysis and tuning by up to 67 percent with unique DTrace storage analytics
  • Protect data at rest in multitenant environments with strong, granular encryption
  • Efficiently replicate data to disaster-recovery sites with advanced replication capabilities
  • 70+ cues sent from Oracle Database using OISP
  • File, block, and object storage protocols included
  • Five built-in compression options
Key Features
  • Five levels of native storage compression
  • Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression support
  • Inline, block-level deduplication
  • DTrace Analytics for real-time storage monitoring and drill-downs at VM client and pluggable database level
  • Thin-provisioning, snapshots, and clones
  • Flexible remote replication
  • Enterprise-grade encryption
  • Automated serviceability, case creation, and configurable alerts
  • File protocols: NFS V4.1, SMB 3, HTTP, WebDAV, and FTP/SFTP/FTPS
  • Block protocols: ISCSI, FibreChannel, iSER, SRP, IP, and RDMA over InfiniBand
  • Object protocols: OpenStack Swift

Oracle Intelligent Protocol

Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol provides an unprecedented and unique level of integration between Oracle Database 12c and the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance family of products. This integration removes manual intervention and guesswork when setting up, analyzing, and tuning storage for Oracle Database, enabling databases and applications to run faster and DBAs to operate more efficiently.

  • Storage setup and tuning optimized with database workload characteristics
  • Storage IO prioritization based on hints passed from Oracle Database 12c
  • Detailed visibility into storage-database interactions with interactive database and pluggable-database drill-downs
  • Matching of storage analytics with AWR workload characteristics

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Encryption

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance encryption provides highly secure, efficient, and flexible data encryption that helps you avoid the risk and cost of security breaches. With Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance encryption, you can quickly and easily deploy secure multitenant environments with each client owning their own keys.

  • Strong AES 128/192/256-bit encryption
  • Flexible generation of encryption keys created locally on the system or on the enterprise-wide Oracle Key Manager
  • Rapid, one-click setup
  • Granular encryption at the project, share, or LUN level

Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides easy-to-use monitoring and management of multiple storage systems located throughout your enterprise. It enables DBAs to be more responsive to requests from application development organization, ensure that production systems are running smoothly, and collaborate with other IT administrators to quickly identify and resolve critical issues.

  • Auto-discovery of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance systems
  • Single-pane-of-glass, enterprise-wide view of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance systems
  • Proactive storage management with system health checks and compliance management
  • Provisioning capabilities to create, modify, and delete LUNs and shares

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Monitor

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Monitor allows you to securely monitor the health of all your Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances and debug system performance issues at any time from any location. It puts the always-on ability to monitor the integrity of your storage infrastructure in the palm of your hand.

  • Graphical and intuitive user interface optimized for mobile devices
  • Visualize real-time DTrace storage analytics
  • Check storage services, logs, IO statistics, component status, and more
  • Available as Apple iPhone and iPad applications

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