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Free Cloud Digital Classrooms!

A dedicated place to help maximize your investment in the Cloud

Looking to quickly ramp up and get familiar with Oracle offerings? Want to understand where to go for support? Need some assistance or inspiration on how to leverage use cases relevant to your business challenges?

If so then join our weekly webinar sessions aimed at sharing informative, insightful and live guided demonstrations to ensure you get the most out of your Oracle Cloud account.

Take a look at the schedule below for your opportunity to learn and ask all your questions to our team of experts. To enroll simply click on the webinar title to add it to your calendar along with the login details. If you are unable to join any of the live sessions then not to worry, all webinars are recorded for you to playback at your convenience in Oracle Video Hub. For more information or any questions you may have please contact Customer Development Team by clicking here

On every first and second Wednesday of the month we will be hosting a series of Database Cloud Service webinars. Each session is organized to give you guided classroom-style learnings, walking you through common use cases for Oracle Database Cloud. See below the schedule and agenda tailored to help you leverage your services right away!

Oracle Cloud Database (1hr)
Date Classroom Subject Key Learnings Time (CET)
7th August 2019 Experience the automation of Autonomous

  • Introduction to Autonomous Transaction Processing & Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Learn how to provision and set up ATP in minutes
  • Understand the tool to use to connect/move data into your new instance
  • Sneak peek under the hood, were we delve a little more into the machine learnings that drive and power these services
11 AM
14th August 2019 Protect your data with Disaster Recovery

  • Learn how to design your Disaster Recovery in Oracle Cloud specific to your requirements for Recovery Time and Point Objectives (RTO-RPO)
  • Highlight best practices for setting up data backups.
  • Run through on failover and the failback procedures
11 AM
4th September 2019 How can Augmented Analytics improve decision making

  • Migrate your business intelligence application to Oracle Analytics Cloud, simplify the way you analyze and act on information to scale insights across your entire organization
  • Live demo on how to set up an Autonomous Data Warehouse, highlighting how to integrate any data from any source
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud for self-service data visualization and smart data preparation
11 AM
11th September 2019 The value of Multitenancy

  • Understand how Oracle Cloud Multitenant Database delivers isolation, agility, and economies of scale while consolidating many customized environments
  • Discover how to migrate your Oracle Database into a Pluggable Database without major application changes
  • Learn how to easily move, clone, patch and monitor several pluggable databases optimizing your efforts and resources
11 AM
2nd October 2019 Unleash flexibility while granting high-availability thanks to Microservices running on Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • In this classroom learn how to manage, deploy and operate containers on Oracle Cloud
  • Explore how to leverage Kubernetes service for running highly available clusters with the control, security, and predictable performance of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure
  • See in minutes how to set-up an Autonomous Database for your containers, able to scale online and powered by a machine learning engine to self-secure, self-drive and self-patch
11 AM
9th October 2019 Speed-up Cloud Application Development with APEX and Autonomous Database

  • Learn how to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, thanks to the Oracle Application Express low-code development platform APEX
  • Run through on how to set-up an Autonomous database and connect with your application
  • Understand the benefits of applying Machine Learning to your application and database
11 AM
6th November 2019 Machine Learning engine behind the Autonomous Database

  • Discover how to leverage the Machine Learning engine behind the Autonomous Database
  • Discover how to use the Apache Zeppelin based Machine Learning SQL Notebook for Data Scientists to collaborate in Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Discover Oracle Analytics Cloud features for advanced analytics
11 AM
13th November 2019 Deep learning acceleration with high performance Compute

  • Learn how to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure high-performing Compute and software frameworks for rendering, manufacturing, design, AI, and machine learnings
  • Discover how Oracle Data Science Cloud Service enables data science teams to easily organize their work loads, access data and computing resources, build, train, deploy, and manage models on the Oracle Cloud.
11 AM

On every third Wednesday of the month we will be delivering deep dive sessions highlighting common Infrastructure use cases. See schedule below for more details

Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (1hr)
Date Classroom Subject Key Learnings Time (CET)
Oracle Cloud Storage & Archive How to's

  • Learn how to set up a Storage instance
  • Discover access options and authorization (Groups/Compartments/Bucket)
11 AM
18th September 2019 Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Understand Oracle Kubernetes managed service
  • Key components that make up a functioning Kubernetes cluster
  • Discover built-in cluster add-ons
  • Live Demonstration / Walk through
11 AM
Typical scenarios for using VCN

  • Understand Networking scenarios (Public vs Private)
  • Live demo on creating a VCN
  • Explore Availability Domains and Your VCN
11 AM
20th November 2019 Optimizing Your Hybrid Environment on Oracle Cloud

  • Key considerations
  • Discuss a common use case, how to approach & best practices to take into account
11 AM

Please join us every last Wednesday of the month for a detailed session on how to get started with your Cloud account. We will highlight typical Cloud use cases, run through a live console demonstration of services, account management tools, how to set up user profiles and much more. Additionally, we highlight how to work with Oracle Support to ensure you are fully enabled and equipped to get started.

Getting Started with Oracle Cloud (1hr)
Date Time (CET)
31st July 2019

11 AM
28th August 2019

11 AM
25th September 2019

11 AM
23rd October 2019

11 AM
27th November 2019

11 AM

Through-out the weeks we will be reaching out to you all directly to gather feedback and specific requests for sessions, topics or hot news to include in our schedule. Additionally, we will be targeting these sessions to keep you up to date with the product offerings and direction to ensure you are continuously ahead of game!

Date Classroom Subject Key Learnings Time (CET)
Oracle Blockchain Platform

  • Introduction to Oracle Blockchain Platform
  • Key challenges and use cases based on your industry
  • Live demonstration on how to spin up your very own Blockchain instance
  • Discuss Oracle permissioned offering & deployment options
11 AM
Open Office Hours

  • Please join this open forum for your chance to ask the experts anything. We will also use this opportunity to give you a brief highlight into what's new following on from our recent Oracle Open World event
11 AM
Ask the experts

  • Oracle Product experts will be available to answer all your questions about new feature releases and roadmap for Database, Analytics and Infrastructure Cloud services
11 AM